Iraq, Iraq

Secret information has a happy habit of turning up to expose lies and deceit – and this one without the aid of Wikileaks apparently! It’s about the oil companies and its about Blair. Chilcott didn’t get a sniff of it, the oil companies denied it, Blair denied it (it’s absurd) that the oil companies and ministers had their beady eyes on Iraqi oil and discussed it only a year before the invasion of Iraq. If George Bush and his mate gave 710 reasons for invading Iraq, you turn that figure on its head and you get the answer. One reason for invading Iraq – which we always knew anyway, except we’re treated as fools and knaves for daring to suggest the king has no clothes – OIL!
So who is going to be put into solitary confinement for this latest revelation? Mordechai Vanunu spent 18 years in solitary for telling us the details of Israel’s dirty little secret while Bradley Manning is holed up for supplying information to Wikileaks. They’ll do anything to make sure we don’t hear their underhand and dangerous activities which is a threat to our existence. Making money is all as Goldman Sachs continues to show, we come as a very poor second. A Goldman spokesman claimed it is the “work of God” so one thing is made clear. Religions around the world are indeed as Marx declared, opium, since as believers all direct their attention to a deity, others are climbing the altar to the God of Personal Wealth. There are those among our leaders, of course, who cleverly combine the two and hedge their bets. Since we know they can’t take it with them, they must be on to something!

Political clean up have been noting the “revolving doors” where politicians enter into office and walk out onto the arms of large vested interest corporations. They note that in Russia there are attempts to break links with politicians and the oil industry, and that in Japan they just might have had a hand in the nuclear catastrophes unravelling there.

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