Mass media chooses where we focus our gaze

Night after night our gaze is fixed on Libya as it was on Egypt. What is going on elsewhere is another matter. These are text messages I received from Gaza where Israel has taken up bombing again on civilian areas:
“The Zeitoun area of Gaza, where the Samouni family lives, is being hit by Israel now (9/4/2011), pure terror for the children continues. I am trying to find out where they are and how they are doing. Israel’s mass-murder is continuing.”
Later there is hope in the air with “I heard UN or NATO is about to ask for A NO FLY ZONE over Gaza.”
I haven\t heard or seen anything in the press or broadcast confirming that. What a great idea which is being taken up in Libya, but whi will bell the Israeli cat.
The Washington Post reports how Pakistan are fed up with increasing CIA missions which seem to be escalating without reference to them. Drone activity is being set up and more agencies are operating in the country. Former Blackwater, now Xe, famed for their murderous activities in Iraq were reported as being present in Pakistan some time ago. Their leader, Erik Prince, was noted for his hatred of Islam. Not for him the symbolic burning of the Quran but action man tactics for real with missions to “eliminate” the enemy by stealth.
Not that we are being told the truth about Libya anyway. The reasons for more bombing, whether ground troops are present, or private agencies are involved. That is the pattern elsewhere and it probably has more to do with the economic interests of Capital US style which engulfs us all.

That international pressure always favours Israel can be gauged from the backtracking of the Anthony Goldstone whose report talked of war crimes by Israel following the attack on civilians in Gaza. These have continued but now Goldstone himself is apologising about comments made, much to the consternation of the fellow investigators.

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