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Aimez vous Brahms?

Growing up in the fifties and sixties I listened to a lot of music, becoming hooked on the classics. I spent time working in a gramophone record library in my home town of Enfield, alongside Eric Cooper who became quite well known in this innovatory field. We lent out vinyl lps and spent time inspecting borrowers’ stylus tips and the records themselves, recording scratch marks on disks printed on card, just as if hiring a car.

Among the celebrities recording Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms were the likes of Toscanini and Bruno Walter, perhaps the established classic sets of that time. Karajan and Klemperer are coming into view, both with the celebrated Philharmonia Orchestra. Guido Cantelli became a firm favourite, although I didn’t attend any of his concerts. I still enjoy the recordings of Debussy, Ravel and de Falla.

I began visiting the famous HMV store in Oxford Street, in London’s West End, and acquired mono recordings of the Italian and Unfinished symphonies of Mendelssohn and Schubert. Also a couple of 10″ disks of Brahm’s Third and Schumann’s Fourth. I still have these on CD and download.

I began going to concerts, particularly at the Royal Festival Hall, in 1955/6. The conductors for some reason all seemed to have names beginning with “K”. First there was Karajan in a Mozart concert with pianist Clara Haskil, and then Beethoven under Klemperer. Others I was to encounter were Josef Krips, Royalton Kisch, Rafael Kubelik and Rudolf Kempe. I missed out on Keilberth and Knappertsbusch, but there were always recordings in the library! Oh yes there was a young Charles Mackerras. Does that count?! I think it was Harry Newstone who broke the mould. I have kept all these concert programmes. What do I do with them now?

Aimez vous Brahms?

Klemperer in particular became noted for slow speeds. His lumbering presence, after suffering strokes and brain tumours, was reflected in his music making. Not least this was so in Brahms, but I heard a riveting account of Brahms First Symphony, particularly in the granite like conclusion. This is evident on his recording with the Philharmonia. I later found the performance of the Brahms First Symphony is also swift in the first movement when I started catching up with reissues.

I was brought up at a time when slow or deliberate tempi were the norm, but lived to witness a time when authenticity has become the order of the day. When it comes to Brahms a clutch of recordings from chamber ensembles have appeared, comparable to the size of the Meiningen Orchestra which Brahms knew and first performed some of his works. A set came out from the Leipzig Gerwandhaus Orchestra under Riccardo Chailly. This referred back to a set made by the London Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras in 1939/40 under Felix Weingartner. I find these performances more compelling than many of the new recordings I’ve heard. Music performance is created from momentary feelings and ideas as much as anything and spontaneity is crucial. This seems evident in the Weingartner recordings. Other recordings from the thirties shows much quicker tempi, and these were from people who either knew Brahms, as Weingartner did or were closely linked. Recordings of the two Piano Concerti from Backhaus and Schnabel are considerably faster than performances even now. A recording of the Tragic Overture by Bruno Walter and the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra is also exciting and revealing making you feel this is the way it should go. Subsequent recordings with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra don’t catch this mood.

Carlo Maria Giulini visited Birmingham Symphony Hall with the Philharmonia with Hugh Bean leading. Both have since left us. Brahms Second Symphony was four slow movements and for me painful to sit through. I thought I was used to Klemperer performances, but they certainly didn’t have the same effect.

Looking back at recordings from fifties I found that there were performances among my vinyl collection which were swift in contrast to the prevailing slowing down of the classics favoured by so many of the star conductors. I discovered, or rediscovered that Cantelli’s performance of the Schubert Unfinished Symphony’s first movement was a real allegro. I haven’t heard many performances like this, an exception being Thomas Dausgaard with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra which is, well, fast! Cantelli’s is a performance I want to return to.

Klemperer’s Beethoven became legendary, but the issuing of Roger Norrington’s Beethoven recordings I found a revelation, particularly with Symphonies Two and Eight which I had on cassette. I found Harnoncourt fine, but the performances I enjoy above all came from an unexpected source: Emmanuel Krivine with the Chambre Philharmonique which really points up a link between these works and dance or folk traditions that existed, on which Beethoven must have drawn. They can all be seen on Youtube. Similarly Mozart Symphonies from Jos van Immerseel and Musica Aeterna, Bruges are exhilerating.

Britten and Tippett encounters

During the nineteen sixties particularly I spent my time at concerts and was always keen to hear composers perform their own works, or failing that performers closely connected with them who probably knew them or worked under their direction. Stravinsky, Hindemith and Copland figured largely and I often found their performances of other composers revealing. I think, however that Benjamin Britten and Michael Tippett were those I encountered most frequently. The latter had a habit of attending performances of his work, and it was later in his career that I think he became more involved himself. I was at a performance when he conducted his Vision of St Augustine at the Bath Festival, The two of them came together at a tribute to Tippett on his 60th birthday at Morley College when Britten with Peter Pears performed Tippett songs. Britten at the piano was astounding.

Brittens own performances of much of his own work is preserved on record of course and the 100th anniversary of his birth on 22nd November (coinciding with my own 72nd birthday) has been a pretext to make earlier recordings widely available as well as stimulating interest from younger artists who have given remarkable performances both live and on record. For a time it seemed as if Britten’s recordings actually inhibited others, and indeed it was difficult to listen to others. A performance of the Britten Cello Symphony at Birmingham Town Hall suffered from some very uninspired and flabby conducting from Hugo Rignold, brought to life only by Rostropovich whose passionate gestures from the cello galvanised the proceedings.

Britten was a regular visitor to the Henry Wood Proms in London where he conducted a range of his work together with another composer connected with Saint Cecilia, Henry Purcell. This included the Spring Symphony, Cantata Misericordium, the Sinfonia da Requiem and the Purcell Chaconne in his edition. I also heard him in performances of the War Requiem as conductor in partnership with Meredith Davies, who gave the first performance at Coventry Cathedral in 1963. I attended the second performance at Westminster Abbey, when Britten processed out after the performance in the company of Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and the next year at the Albert Hall during the Prom season.

A Day for Reflection

We claim that we are the better for millennia of religious wisdom under our belts yet states and leaders claiming adherence to Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and yes even now Buddhism, hitherto seen as the most peaceful of religions in practice. perform the most outrageous barbarities including on their own people. Civilian populations including women and children are nor spared.
I considered going to a performance of the St Matthew Passion in Birmingham, but the unseasonally good weather took me to Worcester instead. A rail ticket from The Hawthorns Park and Ride cost under £4.00 as a pensioner so I arrived in time for lunch at the Wetherspoon Pub next to Worcester Foregate Street. Excellent. I then took a stroll along to Worcester Cathedral. The pedestrian shopping centre was busy not withstanding it being Good Friday. I acquired replacement toothbrush heads in Boots and arrived in good time for the afternoon meditation on the Passion.
The lady at the door of the Cathedral was dissuading at my casual approach. No you can’t wander round, it would be distracting, and no the shop will be closed. It’s Good Friday. Actually I did want to sit down. Was there music? She seemed a little uncertain. Well there would be hymns. In fact there was much more, including a St John Passion by Victoria, who I think was Spanish. It was largely plain song and written well before Bach. Not something I have much knowledge of. In the event it was inspiring and there were the familiar roles of the main characters, including a narrator, a chorus and Christ (a bass). There was more to come, including the questioning why set to music by a former choirmaster and organist at Gloucster, John Sanders and a Motet by Francis Poulenc, both dramatic with reflective interludes. I wish and hope that our world leaders find time to stop, listen and reflect, then act on the messages of peace and goodwill they all say they embrace. As I went in I heard an admirable talk, one of a series throughout the day on the subject of clothing. Here the woman speaker was telling us that while we habitually look for Fair Trade labels on groceries we didn’t pay the same attention to clothes, which are often produced with very little, if any, money going to the producer. If we saw a tee shirt for £2 it was a bargain, we thought, without stopping to consider how it was so.
I had intended to walk back along the bank of the River Severn, but found the steps down blocked off with a sign it is now “a building site”. A detour took me back to where happy children were playing in the stop/go fountains down by the river. Quite a holiday atmosphere. A cup of tea by the railway viaduct across the river finished the trip out. I nearly acquired a plate of sandwiches intended for the disabled gentleman on the next table. His wife mistook me for him until I gently pointed out that he was on the next table and might be quite hungry. I had already eaten more than enough!
As is usual the return journey had a few delays, particularly when the New Street bound train developed a fault when I left it at Droitwich Spa. It was stuck in the platform so I thought it would delay my train bound for Snow Hill. The railway indicator on this platform I find quite impossible to read. I tried all angles. However it arrived quite quickly and all was well!

Two French women who were talented composers

The names of Louise Heritte-Viardot (1841-1918) and Mel Bonis were unknown to me until I listened to a programme “Hidden Composers” on Radio 3. Its presenter gives more away on her blog.
Camille Saint-Saens thought women as composers was a non-starter, yet he was forced into admitting that these two had considerable talent. While much of Heritte-Viardot’s music is lost there is much more of Bonis still in existence.

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Vinyl records


Enquiries Tel 07748 942963

The following collection was begun in 1955. They are generally in excellent condition and include early pressings.

ARC 13 ARC Britten (6) Metamorphos(es) after Ovid for oboe Sarah Francis 1

DA 34 Argo Tippett Boyhood’s End for voice and piano 1943 P. Pears, N. Me… 1 mono
RG 497 Argo Holst (4) Song(s) for voice and violin op 35 Pears, Britten
ZDA 19-20 Argo Tippett, Michael A Child of Our Time for voice, chorus … Morison, Bowde…Pritchard 2
ZFA 50 Argo Traditional Basque The Infant King carol Willcocks 1
ZFA 68 Argo Widor Symphony no 5 for organ Simon Preston 1
ZK 19 Argo Britten, Benjami…A Hymn to the Virgin for chorus and organ Runnett Guest 1
ZK 28 – 29 Argo Collection Engl… Peter Pears, Be… 2
ZK 98 Argo Holst, Gustav 1…Savitri, op 25 Janet Baker, Ro… I. Holst 1
ZRG 512 Argo Holst (12) Song(s) for voice and piano op 48 Pears, Britten 1
ZRG 5277 Argo Britten, Benjamin Canticle no 1 for voice and piano My B…Peter Pears, Da… 1
ZRG 5316 Argo Taverner Kyrie a 4 “le roy” Willcocks 1
ZRG 5327 Argo Maxwell Davies O Magnum Mysterium Simon Preston Maxwell D…1
ZRG 5495 Argo Holst (6) Medieval Lyrics for voice(s) and (str…Purcell Singers I. Holst 1
ZRG 5500 Argo Haydn, Josef Mass no 10 in B flat major “Theresiem…Spoorenberg, G…Guest 1
ZRG 689 Argo Tippett Fantasia on a Theme of Corelli for (stri… Marriner 1
ZRG 746 Argo Collection The Amorous Flute popular music fro… David Munrow… 1
ZRG 883 Argo Poulenc, Francis Mass in g minor for chorus and organ Jonathan Bond, …Guest 1

ALP 158 Artia Prokofiev Symphony no 6 in E flat major op 111
Mravinsky 1 mono

BAC 3013 Harm… Bach, C.P.E. (4) Hamburg Symphon(ies) Maier 1

AXTL 1068 Bruns… Bach, J.S.. Prelude etc. Segovia 1 mono
LA 8513 Bruns… Porter, Cole Songs Bing Crosby 1 mono

CCL 7501 Capitol Collection Concert for organ Richard Keys Biggs 1 mono
CTL 7053 Capitol Mozart Wolfgan…Symphony no 41 in C major K551 “Jupiter” Steinberg, W1 mono

61211 CBS Brahms, Johann…Symphony no 4 in e minor Walter 1
61217 CBS Brahms Symphony no 1 in c minor op 68 Walter 1
61218 CBS Brahms, Johann…Symphony no 2 in D major op 73 Walter 1
61219 CBS Brahms, Johann…Symphony no 3 in F major op 90 Walter 1
61246 CBS Haydn. Josef Symphony no 95 in c minor Szell 1
61442 CBS Schoenberg, Ar…Pierrot Lunaire for reciter and orchestra Erika Stiedby-W…Schoenberg 1 mono
61672 CBS Copland, Aaron The Red Pony suite for orchestra Copland 1
61890 CBS Hindemith, Paul When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d Louise Parker, … Hindemith 1
72054 CBS Stravinsky Rite of Spring 1913 Stravinsky 1
72181 CBS Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms 1930 Torinto Festival…Stravinsky 1
72608 CBS Nielsen, Carl Symphony no 1 in g minor op 7 Ormandy 1
72717 CBS Carter, Elliott Variations for Orchestra Jacobs, Rosen Prausnitz 1
72785 CBS Debussy, Claude (3) Nocturne(s) for orchestra Boulez 1
72845-7 CBS Debussy Pelleas et Melisande Shirley, Soderst…Boulez 3 discs
76526 CBS Franck, Cesar Symphony in d minor A Davis 1
77393 CBS Berg Wozzeck Various Boulez 3 discs
SBRG 72005 CBS Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 35 in D major K385 “Ha… Walter 1
SBRG 72007 CBS Stravinsky Movemenst for piano and orchestra 1959 Rosen Stravinsky
SBRG 72110 CBS Nielsen Symphony no 5 op 50 1922 Bernstein 1
SBRG 72369 CBS Nielsen, Carl Symphony no 3 op 27 “Espansiva” Bernstein 1
SBRG 72403 CBS Ives Symphony no 4 1916 Stokowski 1
SBRG 72433 CBS Copland, Aaron The Tender Land (abridged) J Clements etc. Copland
SBRG 72451 CBS Ives Symphony no 2 1902 Bernstein 1
SBRG 72456 CBS Nielsen Symphony no 6 “Semplice” Ormandy 1
SBRG 72466 CBS Copland, Aaron Music for a Great City Copland 1
SBRG 72505 CBS Stravinsky Persephone for narrator, voice, chorus…Soloists and choir Stravinsky 1
SRBG 72218 CBS Copland, Aaron Concerto for clarinet and orchestra Goodman, War… Copland 1
SBRG 77376 CBS Stravinsky Pulcinella, Orpheus, Fairy’s Kiss, Apollo, Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Stravinsky 3 discs

ABRD 1248 Chandos Shostakovic, D… Symphony no 13 in b flat minor op 11…Nikita Storojev Kamu 1

CFC 142 Conifer Elgar, Edward Scenes from the Bavarian Highlandsfor…Richard MarkhamHalsey 1
CFC 162 Conifer Delius, Frederick Part song(s) for chorus Soloists Smetan… Halsey 1

ACL 4 Decca Mendelssohn, F…Concerto for violin and orchestra in e … Campoli van Beinum 1 mono
ACL 82 Decca Prokofiev, Serge Symphony no 5 in B flat major op 100 Tuxen 1 mono
ACL 99 Decca Strauss, Johann 2 The Blue Danube for orchestra op 314 Krauss 1 mono
ACL 196 Decca Haydn Symphony no 96 in D major van Beinum 1 mono
ACL 267 Decca Roussel Symphony no 3 in g minor op 42 Ansermet 1 mono
ACL 279 Decca Nielsen, Carl Symphony no 1 in g minor op 7 Jensen 1 mono
ACL 292 Decca Nielsen, Carl Concerto for flute and orchestra 1926 Jespersen Jensen 1 mono
ACL 305 Decca Mahler Das Lied von der Erde 1908 Ferrier, Patzak Walter 1 mono
BR 3079 Decca Britten, Benjamin Nocturne for orchestra op 60 Pears etc. Britten 1 mono
BR 3093 Decca Ravel Ma Mere L’ Oye suite for orchestra 1908 Ansermet 1 mono
CEP 5505 Decca Handel, George F. Music from the Royal Fireworks suite f… Szell 1 mono (45 rpm 7″)
D246D 3 Decca Tippett King Priam Various Atherton 3
D276D3 Decca Janacek Jenufa Soderstrom etc Mackerras 3
D51D 2 Decca Janacek Kata Kabanova Soderstrom etc Mackerras 2
ECM 2166 Decca Britten, Benjami…The Little Sweep. Let’s make an opera …Peter Pears, Da… Britten 1 mono
ECM 765 Decca Britten, Benjami…St Nicholas for voice, chorus and orch… Peter Pears, Da… Britten 1 mono
ECS 545 Decca Collection An English Song Recital Pears, Britten, B… 1
ECS 625 Decca Elgar Falsta! for orchestra op 68 Collins 1
ECS 656 Decca Sibelius, Jean (4) Legend(s) for orchestra op 22 Jensen 1
ECS 688 Decca Grieg, Edvard Holberg Suite for orchestra Munchinger 1
ECS 786 Decca Ravel, Maurice … L’ Heure Espagnole Danco et al Ansermet 1
GOM 560-1 Decca Britten The Turn of the Screw Pears, Vyvyan etc. Britten 2 mono
GOS 655-7 Decca Verdi Rigoletto 1851 Macneil, Sutherl…Sanzogno 3
LF 1011 Old Time Dances, Harry Davidson and his orchestra 1
LK 4044/5 Decca Sullivan, Arthur Iolanthe Godfrey 2 mono
LK 4047/8 Decca Sullivan, Arthur Patience Godfrey 2 mono
LK 4504/5 Decca Sullivan, Arthur Ruddigore Godfrey 2 mono
LM 4501 Decca Delibes, Leo Coppelia ballet excerpts (only) Desormiere 1 mono
LM 4511 Decca Chopin, Frederic Les Sylphides – ballet excerpts (only) Desormiere 1 mono
LM 4538 Decca Collection German Songs Wilhelm Strienz 1 mono
LW 5106 Decca Wagner Der Fliegende Hollander 1843 overture Knapperts…1 mono
LW 5283 Decca Debussy (3) Nocturne(s) for orchestra Ansermet 1 mono
LW 3044 Decca Chopin, Frederic Ballade no 1 in g minor for piano op 23 Wilhelm Backhaus 1 mono
LW 5193 Decca Mendelssohn, F…Overture The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave) … Schuricht 1 mono
LX 3001 Decca Mendelssohn, F…Concerto for violin and orchestra in e … Campoli van Beinum 1 mono
LXT 2523 Decca Elgar, Edward Cockaigne Overture for orchestra op 40 van Beinum 1 mono
LXT 2555 Decca Rossini, G La Boutiqie Fantasque arr. Resphigi Ansermet 1 mono
LXT 2564 Decca Beethoven, Lud…Symphony no 4 in B flat major op 60 Solti 1 mono
LXT 2611 Decca Tchairkovsky, P…The Nutcracker ballet op 71 Fistoulari 1 mono
LXT 2657 Decca Grieg, Edvard Concerto for piano and orchestra in a …Cli!ord Curzon Fistoulari 1 mono
LXT 2687 Decca Brahms, Johannes Qintet for piano and string quartet in f…Chigi Quintet 1 mono
LXT 2786 Decca Elgar, Edward Variations on an original theme for or… Sargent 1 mono
LXT 2910 Decca Vaughan Williams Symphony no 5 in D major 1943 Boult 1 mono
LXT 5083 Decca Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 5 in E flat Major op 82 Collins 1 mono
SDD 483 Decca Haydn, Josef Symphony no 84 in E flat major Dorati 1
SEC 5502 Decca Templeton Bach Goes to Town for harpsichord George Malcolm 1 (45 rpm 7″)
SET 560 Decca Purcell, Henry The Fairy Queen Highlights (only) Pears, Vyvyan. … Britten 1
SET 579 Decca Puccini, G La Boheme excerots (only) Pavarotti, Freni,…Karajan 1
SPA 108 Decca Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture op 49 Alwyn K 1
SPA 152 Decca Stravinsky The Firebird ballet suite 1919 Monteux 1
SPA 91 Decca Sibelius, Jean Finlandia for orchestra op 26 Mackerras 1
SDD 417 Decca Bartok, Bela Divertimento for (string) orchestra Barshai 1
SDD 467 Decca Sibelius, Jean Tempest Suite(s) 1 and 2 for orchestra… Jalas 1
SPA 385 Decca Brahms, Johann…Concerto for piano and orchestra no n…Katchen Monteux 1
SWL 8503 Decca Britten, Benjami…Sonata for cello and piano op 65 Rostropovich, B… 1
SXDL 7508 Decca Beethoven, Concerto for violin and orchestra in D …Kyung-Wha Chung Kondrashin 1
SXDL 7546 Decca Tippett Symphony no 4 Solti 1
SXL 6233 Decca Beethoven Symphony no 9 in d minor op 125 “Ch…Sutherland etc … Schmidt-I…1
SXL 6512 Decca Britten, Benjami…Concerto for piano and orchestra op 13 Sviatoslav Richter Britten 1
SXL 6608 Decca Britten, Benjami…Who are these Children? for voice and …Pears, Britten 1
SXL 6773 Decca Prokofiev. Serge Concerto for violin and orchestra no 1…Kyung Wha-ChungPrevin 1
SXL 6788 Decca Britten, Benjamin A Birthday Hansel for voice and harp o…Peter Pears, Osi… 1
SXL 6842 Decca Elgar, Edward Concerto for violin and orchestra in b …Kyung-Wha ChungSolti 1


18 084/5 DGG Schoenberg Gurrelieder Various Kubelik 2 mono
89 511 DGG Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 9 in C major D944 “Great” Jochum 1 mono
89 513 DGG Beethoven, Lud…Concerto for piano & orchestra no 3 in…Annie Fischer Fricsay 1
89 513 519 DGG Brahms Concerto for violin and orchestra in D …Schneiderhan van Kempen 1
89 599 DGG Mendelssohn Concerto for violin nd orchestra in e minor I. Oistrakh Konwitschny 1 mono
89 801 DGG Haydn, Josef Symphony no 100 in G major “Military” Leitner etc. 1 mono
104 281/3 DGG Mozart Die Zauberflote Lear, Otto, Pete…Bohm 3
104 395-6 DGG Beethoven, Lud…Missa Solemnis in D major op 126 Janowirz, Ludwi…Karajan 2CD 135 081 DGG Beethoven, Lud…Concerto for violin and orchestra in D …Schneiderhan Jochum 1
424 351 DGG … Falla, Manuel de La Vida Breve Berganza, Carre…Navarro 1
470 425 DGG Haydn, Josef Symphony no 92 in G major “Oxford” Rosbaud 1 mono
478 420 DGG Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 3 in D Major D 200 Markevich 1 mono
478 441 DGG Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 4 in c minor d 417 “Tragic” Markevich 1 mono
479 010 DGG Kodaly Hary Janos suite for orchestra Fricsay 1 mono
643 210 DGG Beethoven Wellington’s Victory Karajan 1
2530 425 DGG Dvorak, Antonin Symphony no 6 in D major op 60 Kubelik 1
2530 516 DGG Beethoven Symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 Kleiber C 1
2530 880 DGG Stravinsky Les Noces Trinity Boys’ Choir, Bernstein… 1
2531 103 DGG Beethoven Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 55 “… Karajan 1
2531 144 DFF Berg, Alban (3) Orchestral Piece(s) op 6 Karajan 1
2531 146 DGG Webern Passacaglia op 1 for orchestra Karajan 1
2531 249 DGG Bartok, Bela 18…Concerto for viola and orcestra Benyamini Barenboim 1
2535 265 DGG Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 3 in d minor 1888/9 (N… Jochum 1
2535 333 DGG Bartok Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1 Geza Anda Fricsay 1
2535 808 DGG Schubert, Franz Symphony no 9 in C major D 944 “Great” Furtwangler 1 mono
2535 151 DGG Beethoven Fantasia for piano, chorus and orchestra Demus, Vienna …Leitner
2535 339 DGG … Ives, Charles 18…Three Places in New England, Sympho… Tilson Th… 1
2538 178 DGG Tchaikovsky Symphony no 4 in f minor op 36 Mravinsky 1
2538 179 DGG Tchaikovsky Symphony no 5 in e minor op 64 Mravinsky 1
2561 278-81 DGG Mendelssohn Symphony no 1 in D major 1888 c min… Karajan 4
2563 414 DGG Strauss, Johann 2 Die Fledermaus Overture (only) Karajan 1
2563 999 DGG Beethoven Symphony no 9 in d minor op 125 “Ch…Vienna Singverein Karajan 1
2707 125 DGG Mahler Symphony no 9 Karajan 1
2720 046-10 DGG Schumann Symphony 1-4 etc Karajan 3
2721 246 DGG Hindemith, Paul Cardillac op 39 Fischer-Dieska… Keilberth 2
2726 053 DGG Mahler Symphony no 8 in E flat major 1907 Soloists, Choirs Kubelik 2
2726 066 DGG Mahler, Gustav Symphony no 7 in e minor Kubelik 2
2740 213 DGG Berg Lulu Various Boulez 4
LPM 18 823 DGG Haydn, Josef Symphony no 88 in G major Jochum 1 mono
SLPM 138 076 DGG Rachmaninov, S…Concerto for piano and orcfhestera no…Sviatoslav Richter Wislocki 1
SLPM 138 111 DGG Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 5 in B flat Jochum 2
SLPM 138 659 DGG Tchaikovsky Symphony no 6 in b minor op 74 “Pathet Mravinsky 1
SLPM 138 783 DGG Mozart, Wolfga… Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1…Geza Anda 1
SLPM 138 822 DGG Tchaikovsky Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no 1 Richter, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Karajan
SLPM 138 881 DGG Haydn, Josef Mass in 7 in C “Missa in tempord belli” Morison, Thom… Kubelik 1
SLPM 138 923 DGG Debussy, Claude La Mer for orchestra Karajan 1
SLPM 138 973 DGG Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 5 in E flat Major op 82 Karajan 1
SLPM 138 974 DGG Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 4 in a minor op 63 Karajan 1
SLPM 139 160 DGG Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 36 in C major K 425 “Linz” Bohm 1
SLPM 139 184 DGG Nielsen, Carl Concerto for violin and orchestra op 33 Varga Semkov 1
SLPM 139 185 DGG Nielsen Symphony no 4 op 29 “Inextinguishable” Markevich 1
SLPM 139 405 DGG Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 21 in A major K 134 Bohm 1
SLPM 193 007 DGG Haydn, Josef Symphony no 91 in E flat major Bochum 1

004 492 DGG … Bach, Johann Se…Toccata and fugue in d minor for orga…Helmut Walcha 1
198 401 Archiv Bach, Johann Se…Cantata no 55 Ich armer Mensch, ich S…Haefliger etc. Thomas 1 mono
2535 264 DGG … Handel, George F. Concerto for organ and orchestra in F …Eduard Muller Wenzinger 1

2383 219 Polydor Vaughan Williams Te Deum in G for voice(s) and organ Bramma Robinson 1


Music for Pleasure
CFP 131 EMI Brahms Symphony no 1 in c minor op 68 Kempe 1
CFP 155 EMI Beethoven, Lud…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Richter-Haaser Kertesz 1
CFP 185 EMI Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf op 67 R. Baker Leppard 1
CFP 192 EMI CFP Beethoven, Lud…Sonata for piano no 14 in c sharp min… Daniel Chorzempa 1
CFP 202 EMI Janacek Quartet (string) no 1 “Kreutzer” Janacek Quartet 1
CFP 2014 EMI Holst The Planets suite for orchestra op 32 Stokowski 1 mono
CFP 4399 EMI CFP Mozart, Wolfga… Requiemin d minor K 626 Mathis, Bumbry…Frubeck d…1
CFP 40016 EMI CFP Vivaldi The Four Seasons for viol;in and (strin… Sillito Davidson 1
CFP 40017 EMI Beethoven Symphony no 6 in F major op 68 “Pastoral” Cluytens 1
CFP 40021 EMI CFP Haydn, Josef Symphony no 44 in e minor “Trauer” Pritchard 1
CFP 40025 EMI Beethoven Adelaide for voice and piano Prey, Moore 1
CFP 40038 EMI Bach, Johann Se…Cantata no 82 Ich Habe Genug Bwv 82 Prey, St Thoma… Thomas 1
CFP 40071 EMI C… Ravel Concerto for piano and orchestra in G…Francois Cluytens 1
CFP 40072 EMI CFP Mozart Flute Concerti, Adeney, English Chamber Orchestra, Leppard
CFP 40087 EMI Beethoven Concerto for piano and orchestra no 5…John Lill Gibson 1
CFP 40093 EMI CFP Ravel, Maurice … Le Tombeau de Couperin suite for orc… Cluytens
CFP 40233 EMI CFP Schubert, Franz Symphony no 9 in C major D944 “Great” Pritchard
CFP 40243 EMI CFP Holst The Planets, Halle Loughran
CFP 41 44161 EMI CFP Shostakovich, … Concerto for piano, trumpet and orche…Dmitri Alexeev Maksymiuk 1
MFP 2044 EMI Liszt (4) Hungarian Rhapsod(ies) for orchestra Schwarz R 1 mono
MFP 2046 EMI Elgar, Edward Nursery Suite for orchestra Collingwood 1
MFP 2060 EMI Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music vor voice(s), chorus…E Morison etc Sargent 1 mono
MFP 2067 EMI Beethoven Concerto for piano an orchestra no 1 i…Solomon Menges 1 mono
MFP 2069 EMI Tippett Concerto for (Double string) Orchestra W. Goehr 1 mono
MFP 2079 EMI Nielsen, Carl Concerto for violin and orchestra op 33 Menuhin Woldike 1 mono
MFP 2080 EMI Shostakovich, … Symphony no 1 in F major op 10 Markevich 1 mono
SMFP 2113 EMI Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker ballet suite op 71a ex… Slatkin, F 1
MFP 2115 EMI Dvorak, Antonin Concerto for violin and orchestra in a … Suk Ancerl 1
MFP 2119 EMI Britten The Rape of Lucretia (abridged) Pears, Evans, Cr…Goodall 1 mono

33C 1033 EMI Grieg Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, Gieseking, Philharmonia, Galleria
33C 1051 EMI C… Beethoven Symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 Klemperer 1 mono
33C 1053 EMI C… Mozart, Wolfga… Serenades no 13 in G major “Eine Klei… Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1054 EMI C… Bartok, Bela 18…Concerto for Orchestra Karajan 1 mono
33CX 1302 EMI C… Beethoven, Lud…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1…Geza Anda Galliera 1 mono
33CX 1039 EMI C… Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 8 in b minor D759 (Unfi… Beecham 1 mono
33CX 1241 EMI C… Hindemith, Paul Noblissima Visione ballet suite Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1346 EMI C… Beethoven Symphony no 3 in E flat op 55 “Eroica” Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1362 EMI C… Brahms Symphony no 4 in e minor op 93 Karajan 1 mono
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33CX 1457 EMI C… Mozart Symphony no 25 in g minor K 183 Klemperer 1 mono
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33CX 1662 EMI C… Schumann, Rob…Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 97 “… Giulini 1 mono
33CX 1676 EMI C… Hindemith, Paul Symphonia Serena 1946 Dennis Brain Hindemith 1 mono
33CX 1703 EMI C… Mozart Symphony no 29 in A major K 201 Karajan 1 mono
SCX 3503 EMI C… Gould, Morton American Salute for orchestra Lane 1
33SX 1682 EMI C… Griffes Poem for flute and orchestra Sharp Lane 1
33SX 6014 EMI C… Kodaly Song(s) Andor 1

ALP 1013 EMI HMV Brahms Johan…Symphony no 2 in D major op 73 Toscanini 1 mono
ALP 1108 EMI HMV Beethoven Symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 Toscanini 1 mono
ALP 1325 EMI HMV Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 8 in b minor (Unfinished) Cantelli 1 mono
ALP 1356 EMI HMV Tchaikovsky Symphony no 6 in b minor op 74 “Path… Monteux 1 mono
ALP 1374 EMI HMV Ravel, Maurice … Daphnis et Chloe ballet Munch 1 mono
ALP 1578 EMI HMV Sibelius, Jean Karelia suite for orchestra op 11 Collins 1
ALP 1597 EMI HMV Hindemith, Paul Mathis der Maler Symphony Silvestri 1 mono
BLP 1004 EMI HMV Tchaikovsky, Pe…Swan Lake excerpts Barbirolli 1 mono
BLP 1036 EMI HMV Beethoven Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Solomon Cluytens 1 mono
BLP 1044 EMI HMV Schumann, Rob…Symphony no 4 in d minor op 120 Cantelli 1 mono
BLP 1083 EMI HMV Brahms, Johann…Symphony no 3 in F major op 90 Cantelli 1 mono
CLP 1008 EMI HMV Grieg, Edward Concerto for piano and orchestra in a …Moisewitsch Ackermann 1 mono
CLP 1019 EMI HMV Dvorak, Antonin Slavonic Dance(s) for orchestra op 46 … Malko 1 mono
CLP 1037 EMI HMV Grieg, Edward Concerto for piano and orchestra in a …Moura Lympany Menges 1 mono
CLP 1703 EMI HMV Haydn, Josef Symphony no 89 in F major Somogyi 1 mono
CLP 1766 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward The Miniature Elgar Collingwood1 mono

ASD 548 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward Variations on an original theme for or… Barbirolli 1
ASD 2474 EMI HMV Shostakovich, … Symphony no 8 in c minor op 65 Kondrashin 1
ASD 2487 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams An Oxford Elegy for speaker and orchestra Westbrook Aro… Willcocks 1
ASD 2488 EMI HMV Rachmaninov, S…Symphonic Dance(s) for orchestra op 45 Kondrashin 1
ASD 2496 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Concerto for (2) piano(s) and orchestr… Vronsky, Babin Boult 1
ASD 2518-9 EMI HMV Mahler Symphony no 5 in c sharp minor Baker Barbirolli 2
ASD 2538 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Symphony no 5 in D major 1943 Soloists Boult 1
ASD 2560-8 EMI HMV Beethoven Symphony no 1 in C major op 21 Various, Klemperer 9
ASD 2693-4 EMI HMV Sibelius Kullervo Symphony op 7 Soloist, chorus Berglund 2
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ASD 2904 EMI HMV McCabe, John … Notturni ed Alba for voice and orchestra Jill Gomez Fremaux 1
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ASD 2942 EMI HMV Schubert, Franz Symphony no 8 in b minor D759 (Unfi… Fischer-D…1
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ASD 2953 EMI HMV Dukas, Paul Symphony in C Martinon 1
ASD 2962 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem for voice(s), shorus…S. Armstrong, J …Boult 1
ASD 3016 EMI HMV Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 35 in D major K385 “Ha… Karajan 1
ASD 3039 EMI HMV Bizet, Georges … Roma Fremaux 1
ASD 3080 EMI HMV Berlioz, Hector Roman Carnival Overture op 9 Fremaux 1
ASD 3097 EMI HMV Holst, Gustav 1…The Wandering Scholar Rippon, Burrow…Bedford
ASD 3176 EMI HMV Ibert, Jaques Symphonie Marina Fremaux 1 qua…
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SXLP 30076 EMI HMV Rimsky-Korsak…Le Coq d’Or suite for orchestra Kurtz 1
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SXLP30169 EMI HMV Rachmaninov, S…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Michelangeli Gracis 1
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SXLP30203 EMI HMV Rossini L’ Italiana in Algeri overture (only) Karajan 1
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XLP 30044 EMI HMV Mahler Lieder Fahrenden Gesellen Fischer-Dieskau Furtwangl…1 mono
XLP 30072 EMI HMV Grieg Concerto for Piano Orchestra in a minor Lipatti Galliera/ … 1 mono

EMI International
C061-00413 EMI C… Debussy Pour le Piano Gieseking 1 (France)
STC 9072-3 EMI C… Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 8 in c minor Karajan 2 (Germany)
STE 80 607 EMI El…Rossini Stabat Mater Lorengar, Allen,…Forster 1
SZCX 3869 EMI Angel Hindemith Mathis der Maler Fischer-Dieska… Kubelik 3 (USA)

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STU 70826 Erato Vivaldi (4) Concert(i) for viola d’amour and or… Calabrese Scimone 1

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574-5 Jecklin Hindemith, Paul Das Marienleben for voice and piano Gundula Janowi… 2

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MMA 11097 Mercury Barber Symphony 1 Hanson 1 mono (45rpm 7″)
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XEP 9021 Mercury Verdi, Giuseppe La Forza del Destino 1862 overture Dorati 1 mono (45 rpm 7″)
XEP 9040 Mercury Vaughan Williams English Folk Song Suite for (military) band Fennell 1 mono (45 rpm 7″)

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ORYX 1923 Oryx Hindemith, Paul Sonata for organ no 1 (1937) Lionel Rogg 1
Oryx 1925 Oryx Britten, Benjami…The Holy Sonnets of John Donne for v… Gilvan, Capon 1

6500 125-7 Philips Tippett, Michael The Midsummer Marriage Remedios, Carl… Davis, C 3
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6580053 Philips Mussorgsky Night on the Bare Mountain Lloyd-Jones 1
26/06/2009 14:20
6589 071 Philips Liszt Concerto for piamo and orchestra no … Richter Kondrashin 1
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WL 1139 Philips Brahms Concerto for violin and orchestra in D …Krebbers Jordans 1


GGC 4007 Pye Tchaikovsky Serenade for (string) orchestra in C m… Jones 1 mono
GGC 4021 Pye Haydn Symphony no 39 in g minor Jones 1 mono
GGC 4025 Pye Britten, Benjami…Quartet (string) no 1 op 25 Fidelio Quartet 1 mono
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GSGC 14061 Pye Vaughan Williams Symphony no 8 in d minor 1955 Barbirolli 1
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NLP 903 Pye Holst The Planets suite for orchestra op 32 Boult 1 mono

ARL1-1150 RCA Rachmaninov Symphony no 2 in e minor op 27 Ormandy 1
ARL1-1324 RCA Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestrano 3 …Ashkenazy Ormandy 1
AT 121 RCA Beethoven Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 55 “… Toscanini 1 mono
CDN 1028 RCA Beethoven Symphony no 7 in A Toscanini 1 mono
GL 25020 RCA Milhaud, Darius…Symphony no 6 for (large) orchestra 1955Paula Seibel Mestre 1
LSB 4012 RCA Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestra no 3…Rachmaninov Ormandy 1 mono
LSB 4013 RCA Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Rachmaninov Ormandy 1 mono
LSB 4094 RCA Satie, Erik (3) Gymnopedie(s) fpr orchestra (orch …de Lancie Previn 1
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RB 6755 RCA Shostakovich, … Symphony no 2 in C major op 14 “To … Gould, M 1 mono
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SB 6714 RCA Nielsen, Previn Symphony no 1 in g minor op 7 Previn 1
SEC 7041 RCA Handel Messiah: Choruses Beecham 1 (45 rpm 7”)
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SER 5507/8 RCA Puccini Tosca Price etc Karajan 2
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HCNL 800910 Redi… Smetana The Bartered Bride SoloistsSmetan… Vogel 2 mono

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STXID 5280/…Saga Bach, Johann Se…Mass in B minor G. Weber etc. Lehmann 3
STXID 5284 Saga Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 3 in C major op 52 Gibson 1
XID 5142 Saga Debussy, Claude Arabesque no 1 for piano Malcolm Binns 1 mono
XID 5211 Saga Vaughan Williams Songs of Travel for voice and piano J Shirley-Quirk,… 1 mono

1 10 1047 Supra… Haydn, Josef Seven Last Words on the Cross fot orc… Munclinger 1
1410 1536 QZASupra… Honegger, Arthur Symphony no 1 Baudo 1 qua…
410 184 Supra… Smetana Richard III for orchestra Neumann 1 qua…
LPV 27 Supra… Dvorak, Antonin Symphony no 7 in d minor op 70 Sejna 1 mono
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MS 1181-2 Supra… Janacek The Cunning Little Vixen Soloists Gregor 2 mono
SUAST 50008 Supra… Martinu Les Fresques de Piero Della Francesca … Ancerl 1
SUAST 50009 Supra… Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet excerpts Ancerl 1
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SUAST 50027 Supra… Honegger Symphony no 2 1941 Baudo 1
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SUAST 50120 Supra… Dvorak Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 10 Smetacek 1
SUAST 50126 Supra… Tchaikovsky Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1…Richter Ancerl 1
SUAST 50432 Supra… Dvorak, Antonin Overture Othello for orchestra op 93 Ancerl 1
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SUAST 5043… Supra… Lasso, Orlando di Madrigals Venhoda 1
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SUAST 50804 Supra… Berg Concerto for violin and orchestra Josef Suk etc. Ancerl etc.
SUAST 50811-2Supra… Janacek The Makropoulos Case 1926 Prylova, Zidek etc. Gregor 2
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AWT 9442-C Teldec Bach, Johann Se…Cantata no 18 Gleich wie der Regen u… Giebel etc Jurgens etc. 1 mono
AWT 9443-c Teldec Bach, Johann Se…Cantata no 106 Gottes Zeit ist die aller…Falk, etc. Jurgens etc. 1 mono
AWT 9440 C Telefu…Telemann Overture for (string) orchestra Gustav Leonhardt Rieu 1 mono
AWT 9467 A Telefu…Schutz. Heinrich St Luke Passion Soloists Jurgens . 1 mono

RHS 343-5 Unicorn Nielsen Saul and David Christo! etc Horenstein 3
RHS 350/2 Unicorn Nielsen Maskarade Various Frandsen 3
RHS 384 Unicorn Grieg, edvard Olav Trigvason Cantata for voice(s) , c… Soloists Dreier 1
UNS Unicorn Mahler Symphony no 6 in a minor 1904 Horenstein 2
UNS 249 Unicorn Warlock Song(s) for voice and piano etc. N Taylor, J. Part… 1

PL 10530 Vox Schoenberg, Ae…Concerto for piano and orchestra op 42 Brendel/ Marsc… Gielen 1 mono
STPL 512550 Vox Nielsen, Carl Symphony no 2 op 16 “The Four Temp… Garaguly 1
TV 34061S Vox Or! Catulli Carmina Soloists Hollreiser 1
TV 34109S Vox Nielsen, Carl Quartet (string) no 2 in f minor op 5 Copenhagen Q… 1
TV 341298 Vox Mozart, Wolfga… Concerto for piano and orchestra no 2…Brendel Angerer 1 mo…
TV 341698S Vox Copland, Aaron Billy the Kid suite for orchestra Johanos
TV 34187S Vox Nielsen, Carl Quartet (string) no 1 in g minor op 13 Copenhagen Q… 1
TV 34217S Vox Nielsen Quartet (string) no 4 in F major op 44 Copenhagen Q… 1
TV 34633 S Vox Mussorgsky, M… Pictures at an Exhibition for orchestra … Slatkin, L 1
TV 34670S Vox T…Copland, Aaron Dance Symphony for orchestra Epstein 1

SH 128 World …Vaughan Williams Symphony no 4 in f minor (1935) Vaughan … 1 mono
SH 287 World …Wagner Siegfried Idyll for Orchestra Cantelli 1
SH 374 World …Debussy, Claude La Mer for orchestra Cantelli 1 mono
SH 376 World …Franck, Cesar Symphony in d minor Cantelli 1
SHB 52 World …Tchaikovsky Symphony no 5 in e minor op 64 Cantelli 2 mono
ST 966 World …Dvorak, Antonin Symphony no 8 in G major op 88 Silvestri 1
T 829 World …Tippett Concerto for (Double String) Orchestra Barshai 1

Thomas Wiggins: The Battle of Manassas

Thomas Wiggins was born blind, but at an early age his ability as a pianist to reproduce sounds he heard meant that he was taken on tour and put on show. Thomas was from and African family taken into slavery in the USA.
One of his compositions was “The Battle of Manassas” with the pounding bass sounding like gun fire. He uses tunes to represent the opposing sides as Beethoven had done in “Wellington’s Victory” and Tchaikovsky was to do in his 1812 Overture.

Barbirolli and Vaughan Williams: the recordings

It’s always exciting when valuable documents suddenly appear as if from nowhere. Vaughan Williams music has of late been re-evalued and the dismissive notion of him being the leading “pastoralist” has taken a decisive blow. There were two descriptions around the time of the Pastoral Symphony (no 3), one the image of “Vaughan Williams rolling over and over in a ploughed field” (Hugh Allen) and Phillip Helseltine (the composer Peter Warlock) saying it was like a cow looking over a gate. Very deceptive. The Pastoral Symphony was no English landscape, but rather France in the depths of conflict. This is a depiction of the battlefields where VW spent time as an orderly driving ambulances, tending to the gravely wounded. It has been more aptly described as VW’s “War Requiem”, although that title probably really belongs to Dona Nobis Pacem.
John Barbirolli, “Glorious John” as VW referred to him when he dedicated his Eighth Symphony to his admired interpreter, did not record a VW symphony cycle. Commercially he recorded no 2 “The London Symphony” (twice with the Halle Orchestra in 1957 on Pye CCL30134 and HMV ASD 2360 a decade later)), no 5 (with the Halle C 3388-92 in 1944 and the Philharmonia no HMV ASD 508 in 1962), no 7 “Sinfonia Antartica” (HMV ALP 1101 with the Halle in 1953) and no 8 which was recorded at the time of its premier by the Pye Nixa label (NCT 17000, 1956). From the above a number of recordings are available on CD: nos 2 and 8 (both Pye recordings on CDSJB 1021 remastered by Dutton for the John Barbirolli Society) and no 2 on EMI CDM 5 65109 2. No 5 is available again on Dutton CDAX 8011 coupled with VW’s own celebrated performance of the 4th with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. No 5 with the Philharmonia is on EMI CDM 5 65110 2. The Antartica is on a two disc set including mostly VW but some Elgar: the Oboe Concerto with his wife, Evelyn Rothwell as soloist, the Tuba Concerto, The Wasps Overture, the Fantasia on Greensleeves and Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus – all well worth having! A live performance of the 8th Symphony is also available on ERM 181 from 1961.

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Good News from Bethlehem

I’m not referring on this occasion to the birth of the holy child, but the opening of a new music school with the name of Edward Said. News from Bethlehem makes grim reading so I want to draw attention to something positive happening. Edward Said with Daniel Barenboim founded the East-West Divan Orchestra which brings together musicians from Arab and Jewish communities. Their visit to Ramallah in 2005 resulted in a overspill audience watching a relay of the concert on screens erected outside.

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Dudamel in Birmingham with the Philharmonia

I don’t attend concerts very often these days, but I decided to get a ticket for this one at Symphony Hall (3/6/2008). It was under the baton of the Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel. The seat was front row and searching for the right number rivalled looking for that in an aircraft. I still managed to sit in the wrong seat. However the experience was highly rewarding.

The Philharmonia Orchestra played under Karajan at the first concert I attended in the Royal Festival Hall in the 1955-6 season. Clara Haskil was pianist. Not long ago I heard Carlo Maria Guilini conduct them in Birmingham for an all Brahms concert (2nd Piano Concerto and Symphony), all played at a very deliberate pace. Hugh Bean returned as leader. This time it was Brahms First Piano Concerto. I have always preferred the second, but here was a deeply felt reading giving the impression of a first hearing. Dudamel launched the piece with the dark angry chords emphasised. Although the tempo was deliberate there was a clarity where detail could be heard to telling effect. Piotr Anderszewski was soloist, similarly forceful where necessary, but clear and delicate also. Quite honestly it’s the first time I noted a fugue in the finale. Anderszewski rounded off with an encore of solo Bach while Dudamel reclined on the decking among the players.
Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony also made its mark. The performance ranged from breath taking pianissimo to rousing fortissimo, particularly in an exciting finale. Bernard Haitink gave a very different performance with the Concertgebouw Orchestra a few years back but of a similar high quality. Someone warned me that Dudamel distorted rhythm in Shostakovich, but I didn’t detect it here. I was almost expecting salsa to emerge somewhere along the way!

Nostalgic CDs

Having listened to and collected vinyl LPs since my mid teens in the fifties I find myself comforted and isolation relieved by revisiting recordings on reissued CDs. The latest to have arrived is Ferenc Fricsay, that great Hungarian conductor who died at an early age, and his performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Why did I go there after last week’s Building a Library recommendations. Well I think it was probably the first time I heard the work. I never owned it, but it was a record I borrowed from the Enfield Gramophone Library. I became great friends with the librarian, a pioneer in gramophone record libraries, and worked there during summer holidays later on.
What pleases we about this acquisition is its packaging. It’s a simple card cover with what looks like the original cover, not just a small reproduction which looks tacky (like Great Recordings of the Century from EMI and most other “Originals” from Universal). In fact so keen are they to keep the “feel” of the original they do not even add the fact that the disc also includes Petrushka! That is revealed by a stick on label, although it does appear in the listings on the back.
I much prefer card packaging to the so-called “jewel case”. How many of my collection have broken hinges, or the centre plastic retainers have disintegrated so the disc falls to the floor when you open the wretched thing. I welcome the habit of putting boxed collections in thin slip cases. It certainly reduced the space that the complete Stravinsky edition took up on Sony Classics!

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