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Welcome to Niamh Eili

I received this exciting news this week from my granddaughter, Lael, in Vancouver.
Niamh Eili 2005.11.16
My little sister, baby Niamh Eili was born 00:10 (approximately), 16 November 2005. She weighed 6lbs 12oz/3070 g and measured 50cm.
I was there to see her as she was born. It was very exciting. It was very late in the night time. I woke up and I said, “Daddy!” He told me the baby was coming. I came over to Mummy and Daddy and stroked my Mummy over her back. I gave her some water and then I saw a head slipping out of my Mum’s body. I thought that was great!
Lots of love from,
PS. I wanted to say that my Mummy made some very loud noises. She kind of hurt my ears a little bit. I love how Niamh looks. She’s very small. She makes lots of noises too, but doesn’t cry a lot.

Her Mummi in Vancouver recorded her story in her blog.

British Community Pays Tribute To Sikh War Veterans

More than 100,000 Sikh veterans of World War II have been officially recognised by the city of Birmingham UK to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the conflict.
The City of Birmingham has paid tribute to all the Sikhs involved in the 1939-45 war in a special commemoration organised by a Birmingham based charity.
Sikh Veterans celebrated in Birmingham, November 2005
The Sikh Community and Youth Service UK organised the event in Victoria Square, Central Birmingham to coincide with the 60th anniversary.
The ceremony was marked by a Beating Retreat and the Last Post performed by Her Majesty’s Band of the Scots Guards.

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Muslim Graves Desecrated in Handsworth

Today, 5th November, Muslims visiting Handsworth Cemetery discovered gravestones had been vandalised in the section reserved for that faith. Leaflets were scattered which referred to the allaged rape of a young black girl. Despite intensive enquiries no evidence has been found to substantiate the story and no one has come forward to claim they were assaulted.
It seems that a few are intent on stirring up hatred between Asian and African communities. The Drum has produced a poster showing two young men, African and Asian, saying that togther African Asian fight poverty and discrimination.
Community leaders from both communities went to inspect the damage and called for calm and to resist revenge attacks.

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