Monthly Archives: October 2005

Rosa Parks in state

The Washington Post description of Rosa Parks lying in state in the U.S. Capitol is touching. As the report says it reflects her life: dignified, understated.
To me it points up the reality of life behind the headlines. Here was a huge diverse crowd united in expressing their admiration and thanks for this courageous act from someone who did not court publicity, but touched their lives. And here was the mighty President Bush standing in front of the coffin to pay his respects. She towers above him. Rest in Peace Rosa.

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Ecocide of the Panjab (Punjab)

Handsworth has a sizable Sikh population from the Indian Panjab. A seminar on environmental issues at the Sikh Community and Youth Service on Soho Road alerted the audience to how the environment of the Panjab is being seriously degraded by inappropriate farming, the use of herbicides, pesticides etc. The image of the Panjab as the “breadbasket of India” is very misleading. While it still supplies a considerable proportion of grain the quality has been damaged through poisonous chemicals. Rice crops have been introduced, but the Panjab is described as “semi-arid” and so thise are using up water resources in an unsustainable way.

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