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Jewish responses to the Israeli massacre of international humanitarian aid workers

Two responses from Jewish sources who share everyone else’s horror at Israeli action on preventing aid reaching Gaza, shooting and wounding international aid workers indiscriminately.
1.J Street
John —
Like many of you, I am still absorbing the terrible news from the waters off of Israel and Gaza this morning.
Going into this weekend, we knew there were few good outcomes likely from the latest effort to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip in the face of Israel’s determination to prevent it.
But none of us expected the tragedy we woke up to this morning, a day on which we honor the memory of U.S. soldiers who served and died in prior wars.
As one of our supporters wrote to me this morning, “how many more people need to die, how many more children deprived of a father or mother, before this conflict is settled and people can live in peace and security, while devoting their energy to building better lives?”
With details still emerging and propaganda spinning furiously on all sides – one simple truth stands clear to us: today’s events are the natural outgrowth of the larger, ongoing failure to resolve this conflict peacefully through a two-state solution.
It is up to our leaders to turn this crisis into a real push to end the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians now – otherwise events will spin even further out of control. We will have more to say on how in the days ahead.
In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts with us by responding directly to this message and we’ll put together a webpage for feedback and reactions from the J Street community later on in the week.
Our statement reacting to the day’s events follows:
J Street is deeply shocked and saddened by reports that at least 10 civilians have been killed and dozens more wounded (including Israeli soldiers) this morning as Israel intercepted a naval convoy bringing humanitarian supplies and construction materials to the Gaza Strip.
We express our condolences to the families of those killed and we wish the injured a full and speedy recovery. We hope that leaders on all sides will take immediate steps to ensure that this incident does not escalate into a broader round of violence – in Israel, in Gaza, or in the region.
There will undoubtedly be calls in the coming days for a UN investigation into today’s events. A credible, independent commission appointed by the Israeli government should provide the world with a full and complete report into the causes and circumstances surrounding the day’s events and establish responsibility for the violence and bloodshed.
This shocking outcome of an effort to bring humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza is in part a consequence of the ongoing, counterproductive Israeli blockade of Gaza. J Street has been and continues to be opposed to the blockade – believing that there are better ways to ensure Israel’s security and to prevent weapons smuggling than a complete closure of the Gaza Strip.
We do not know yet what the impact of today’s incident will be on the just-restarted peace process, on Israel’s relations with the international community, or on the health of Arab-Jewish relations within Israel itself.
We do know, however, that today is one more nail in the coffin for hopes of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict peacefully and diplomatically and for preserving Israel’s Jewish and democratic character. We urge President Obama and other international and regional leaders to take today’s terrible news as an opportunity to engage even more forcefully in immediate efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
We’ll be in touch,
– Jeremy
Jeremy Ben-Ami
J Street
May 31, 2010
Jewish Voice for Peace
condemns Israel’s attack and killing of members of the Freedom Flotilla aiming to bring much needed aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.
Before the flotilla was attacked, Yigal Palmor, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, said,
“If we let them throw egg at us, we appear stupid with egg on our face. If we try to prevent them by force, we appear as brutes.”
Israel has more than egg on its face. Israel has blood on its hands. At least 10 passengers have been killed by Israel and about 30 wounded in international waters. This is just another deadly escalation of Israel’s harsh repression of nonviolent protests against the occupation, paid with American tax-dollars.
The White House has stated that it “deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained, and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.”
This is not enough.
President Obama should call for an immediate lifting of the siege of Gaza. He should support an international and impartial investigation into the tragic killing of civilians in a humanitarian mission. And he should suspend military aid to Israel until he can assure the American public that our aid is not used to commit similar abuses.
Join local activist in your area… Here are some happening right now…
(Additional protests here:
NY: 3 PM TODAY, Times Square. Assemble at 47th St. and 7th Ave. Look for the JVP banner to join our contingent.
SAN FRANCISCO: 12noon TODAY. Israeli Consulate (456 Montgomery St.) and march to Union Square, Memorial Day. Please be there! Bring your own sign! 1 pm at Market and Powell.
DC: 3pm TODAY: Assemble at the Israeli Embassy, 3514 International Drive NW (Van Ness Metro Stop), moving to the White House at 5pm.
SEATTLE: 1:00 pm TODAY. 5th Avenue and Broad St, Seattle Center near the Experience Music Project.
MIAMI: 5pm-7pm TODAY, at Torch of Friendship (Downtown)
Dear John,
When I got the news about Israel’s armed attack on the Gaza Flotilla at 2:30 am on the morning of May 31, I felt sick. I immediately called a dear friend in Jerusalem, one of the most committed activists I know. Across the ocean, I could hear in her voice that she was in tears. “The worst part about it, ” she said, “is that nothing will change.”
“No,” I replied. “I can’t believe that can be true. Things have to change.”
“Well,” she said, “then it is up to you, the internationals.”
She’s right. It is up to us, the internationals both here in the United States and abroad.
That is why I want you to send a message to US President Obama if you live outside of the United States, and to Obama and the US Congress if you are a U.S. resident, demanding the immediate release of the detained human rights activists, an end to the siege on Gaza, an impartial investigation of the attack on the flotilla, and a suspension of US aid until Israel abides by international law.
We still don’t know a lot about what happened to the flotilla of boats carrying some 700 human rights activists from around the world and over 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza– Israel has kept the activists under a near total media blackout while sharing only its implausible narrative of events. What we do know is that Israeli commandos boarded a ship in international waters and killed at least ten activists, injuring dozens of others.
Israel insists that highly trained commandos were forced to lethally fire on activists, creating a new definition of self-defense. In the first alternative accounts to appear, an Israeli Knesset member and an Al Jazeera cameraman who were on board the ship at the time each described something different, a scene of chaos with civilians waving white flags and commandos using stun guns, rubber bullets and tear gas. Regardless of what actually happened when armed soldiers landed, Israel’s wanton killing of civilians is unacceptable.
We still don’t know the names of those who were killed or injured, or where they are from. And we don’t know the whereabouts or well-being of more than 400 activists still being held by Israel.
These deaths, and the attacks on the boats, have hit all of us around the world particularly hard. There were people from 40 different countries on board the ships, including Israelis and Palestinians. Israel sent armed commandos onto a civilian ship in international waters, a brazenly illegal act to enforce Israel’s nearly 3-year illegal siege of Gaza – a siege that has left 1.5 million men, women and children living like prisoners on substandard diets, deprived of the simplest things like potato chips, musical instruments, and toys. The flotilla wasn’t just about this one delivery of aid. It was about the right of Palestinians to have sea, land and air routes to the rest of the world and for the need to end the blockade.
I know that there comes a point in one’s life when you simply have to take a stand. You cannot sit by silently and watch ongoing and wholly unjustified destruction of life, tacitly supported by governments around the world, and simply do nothing.
The flotilla was filled with people just like you and me who finally decided it was time to risk life and limb to take a stand, to break through those prison walls, and we thank them for it.
Now, as citizens of the world, we owe it to the people of Palestine, and the people of Israel who want to live in peace, and the brave people on that flotilla, to build the movement to make Israel accountable to international law and standards of simple human decency – especially because our governments have failed us.
The response of the U.S. government thus far has been wholly inadequate, with a mild statement “regretting the loss of life,” without assigning any blame for the fiasco, let alone applying any sanctions for Israel’s acts. Please, join me in telling President Obama and Congress enough is enough
. US taxpayer dollars fund Israel’s occupation, and together with wall to wall uncritical diplomatic support have sent the message that any Israeli action, no matter how foolhardy, will be backed by the full might of the United States.
It’s time for that to stop.
We must also continue to build the already massive global people’s movement for justice, which has undeniably found its greatest impact in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. This is about all of the ways, big and small, people can bypass their often ineffective governments to use economic pressure to make the Israeli government accountable to international law. After launching our energetic support for campus efforts to divest from the occupation, Jewish Voice for Peace will let you know soon about our own divestment campaign to help bring pressure on Israel to reach a just solution.
It is time for the United States, as Israel’s closest ally and most powerful nation in the world, to stop unconditional support for the Israeli government.Doing so will protect Israelis and Palestinians, American citizens, and internationals alike.
Click here to demand that President Obama and Congress call for an immediate lifting of the siege of Gaza,

an international and impartial investigation into the tragic killing of civilians in a humanitarian mission, and the suspension of military aid to Israel until he can assure the American public that our aid is not used to commit similar abuses.
Rebecca Vilkomerson,
Executive Director,
Jewish Voice for Peace

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The media catch up on Gaza with front page headlines

The attack on a civilian flotilla with reports of 10 or more dead has meant that news is now front page. Daily atrocities in Palestinian territories are routinely ignored and the Israeli government gets away with flouting international law. The attack on one of 7 international ships carrying emergency aid to Gaza took place in international waters so amounts to an act of piracy. The press is waking up, but will governments?
All Jazeera report.
Palestinian News Network (PNN) report.

Jerusalem Post report
Haaretz report
The response of the Israeli government is that the flotilla included those with “terrorist” connections and that the boarding party of the IDF was met with both firearms and other assorted weaponry. This is most vividly laid out in the report from Haaretz which also publishes a range of other articles, one saying that Israel had lost the media battle before the flotilla had even set out. Al Jazeera reports that a number of European countries, including Greece and Spain, have called in their Israeli ambassadors.
The following is a response from the Palestinian territories:
Call for demonstrations in all countries in the world against Israeli embassies the People’s Committees in Palestine call you to demonstrations of anger against Israeli terrorism and criminality. Let the third International intifada uprising Against terrorism and the occupation..
Israeli criminal navy attacks humanitarian ships in International waters.
Reports of 10-16 humanitarian activists killed and 50-60 injured. The
Israeli army had tried to make the media maneuver of saying they would
arrest and take the boats when they enter Gaza coastal waters and tow the
boats to port in Asdod (renamed Ashdod after the occupation of 1948) and had
prepared tens to house the arrestees at that southern port. Instead the
Israeli army decided to execute a surprise maneuver and attack the boats at
night and in the north near Cyprus in International waters and then board
the boats and take them to the northern port of Haifa. In doing so they
committed a massacre of unarmed civilians to add to the hundreds of
massacres committed before but this time they have really gone way too far
and alienated the international community with this horrendous crime.
Time to demonstrate everywhere and write to all you know and all you do not
know (media, politicians etc). Organize your own event (in front of Israeli
missions abroad, in front of government buildings, in public squares etc) or
join any of the planned emergency demonstrations
Iyad Burnat
The head of the Popular committee, Bil’in

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Greece gives us hope

The following was received from the Socialist Labour Party. In addition An article from John Pilger in New Statesman argues why the peoples’ reaction to the crisis of Capitalism is significant for all of us.
Political & Economic Crisis Deepens
The European Union summit that took place over the weekend of 7th to 9th May, originally met to formally agree the 110bn euro bailout of the Greek economy, however such is the speed of the developing crisis that this measure was eclipsed by the need for an agreement to shore up the euro currency itself!
A 750bn euro reserve fund and the establishment of an ‘intervention unit’ were hastily agreed in a desperate effort to strengthen the currency in the face of international speculation that threatened its complete collapse. That this measure was taken after discussions with United States President Obama signifies the worldwide nature of the deepening economic crisis. Furthermore it was deemed that it was essential this bailout be in place by the time the stock markets opened the following Monday.
Not only is the euro in such danger, but the UK is now consistently being linked alongside Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, as countries that the markets and financial speculators feel will be unable to meet their growing debts, giving rise to fears within the British establishment of not if there will be a run on sterling, but when.
It is against this background that a Tory and Liberal Democratic coalition government comes to power in the UK. Bearing in mind that a third of eligible voters did not vote at all and from the remainder only 36% voted for the Tories and 23% for the Lib Dems, this is not a coalition with any mandate to govern. That the Liberal Democrats, the mini-Tories, ditched most of their manifesto pledges at the first sniff of a chance of power, aptly demonstrates their lack of credibility. Indeed, Tory leader, and now Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced the formation of the coalition to the media even before Nick Clegg had consulted his parliamentary colleagues, so convinced was he of their unprincipled and opportunist nature.
However, any budget that this coalition initially unveils is most likely to be blown apart by the forthcoming economic storms as the political and economic crisis develops and intensifies on a world scale.
The bank bailout, incorporating the largest transfer of money in recorded history and effectively burdening States with the debts accumulated by the banks and financial institutions, has left insurmountable public debt, with no country being exempt from its effect.
In Greece the dawning realisation of just what is in store for the Greek working class prompted Communist Party MP Haralambos Haralambous to state, “When will building workers retire, at age 80? How do you expect him to carry a bag of cement on his back until that age?”
Commenting on the Greek crisis the New York Times warned that workers in the United States will have to accept similar cuts in pensions and benefits as those being imposed on the working class of Greece.
On the 5th May French Prime Minister François Fillon warned the French working class that ‘painful measures were in store (in order) to avoid indebtedness like Greece.”
In Romania the latest IMF imposed austerity measures include a staggering 25% cut in salaries, a 15% cut in pensions and unemployment benefit, a 25% cut in child benefit, and a 15% cut in disabled benefit.
That the UK will somehow be immune from these developments is pure wishful thinking and for all the talk from ruling circles that ‘we are coming out of recession’ in reality they are preparing for the social unrest that will come once the full effects of the austerity measures being prepared for workers in the UK are realised.
As we have witnessed recently in the British Airways dispute, where workers are trying to defend their wages and working conditions, the hard fought for right to withdraw one’s labour, is subject to the whims of court rulings.
Of course court rulings will always be classed based and taken with due consideration of the objective conditions at the time, but ultimately it will be used as a weapon against the trade unions. Therefore the lesson to learn is that as the trade unions become tied down in legal straight jackets, and its leadership exposed as woefully inadequate to face the tasks in hand, the need to develop an independent working class party that gives voice to the millions who will be the victims of the austerity measures, and the millions who will be thrown into struggle, many for the very first time in their lives, becomes a matter of urgency.
The SLP is attempting to build such a party. Join us.

Sent home dead, not a word said

The privatisation of war. It has become big business, but is still a taboo. When a soldier is killed his/her flag/draped coffin is paraded through town and mentioned in dispatches. Not so the privateer.
In Iraq it is estimated there were 160,000 private contractors of which 50,000 were armed security personnel. Some stories of shoot outs, killings, maiming and abuse, have surfaced, notably Blackwater when 17 Iraqi civilians died. Most haven’t been reported and there is a leagcy of bitterness and resentment towards them.
The mercenaries who have been killed remain unaccounted for and will not appear on any war memorials. What happens to their next of kin,or for that matter those who survive but are left wounded. Presumably it is the responsibility of the employer to determine what benefits, if any they might get.

Who do you want to lead Labour, Milliband – or Milliband?

Get David Milliband and you get Blair Mark II – pro Zionist and self promoting. Is that why his brother is standing against him. Must be a good reason we don’t yet know about. John Cruddas has ruled himself out, saying it’s not something he aspires to. It’s a duty. Given some of those who have or are likely to put themselves forward, forgive me asking what special abilities they might have as opposed to what they think they have?
Talk about successful Labour areas where members run the local party, as opposed to party officials. Does it happen anywhere in Labour? Ian Reilly successfully ended local determination here in Birmingham seeing his duty to make sure there was not a vestige of left remaining. Now I expect the bugger’s crowing about the exceptional results Birmingham achieved on May 6th. Well everyone, or very nearly, voted either for Tories or Labour, to ensure the one they weren’t supporting didn’t see the light of day. I noticed how young people – even those below voting age – became involved, although there has been a lot of bemoaning that this group are not engaged. Bullshit or what? Certainly many are supporting PR voting to end the stranglehold of the established elite of the major parties, so they shouldn’t appear too smug with the results.
Since all parties, including Tory substitutes the Lib Dems, and New Labour are all Capitalist and allow themselves to give power to multinationals who demand all that we don’t want: G.M. crops, a nuclear future, pharmaceuticals which are harmful then who represents us? The Green Party doesn’t call for an end to it but acts as if the status quo will act environmentally. The Gulf of Mexico provides an answer to that one.

Vinyl records


Enquiries Tel 07748 942963

The following collection was begun in 1955. They are generally in excellent condition and include early pressings.

ARC 13 ARC Britten (6) Metamorphos(es) after Ovid for oboe Sarah Francis 1

DA 34 Argo Tippett Boyhood’s End for voice and piano 1943 P. Pears, N. Me… 1 mono
RG 497 Argo Holst (4) Song(s) for voice and violin op 35 Pears, Britten
ZDA 19-20 Argo Tippett, Michael A Child of Our Time for voice, chorus … Morison, Bowde…Pritchard 2
ZFA 50 Argo Traditional Basque The Infant King carol Willcocks 1
ZFA 68 Argo Widor Symphony no 5 for organ Simon Preston 1
ZK 19 Argo Britten, Benjami…A Hymn to the Virgin for chorus and organ Runnett Guest 1
ZK 28 – 29 Argo Collection Engl… Peter Pears, Be… 2
ZK 98 Argo Holst, Gustav 1…Savitri, op 25 Janet Baker, Ro… I. Holst 1
ZRG 512 Argo Holst (12) Song(s) for voice and piano op 48 Pears, Britten 1
ZRG 5277 Argo Britten, Benjamin Canticle no 1 for voice and piano My B…Peter Pears, Da… 1
ZRG 5316 Argo Taverner Kyrie a 4 “le roy” Willcocks 1
ZRG 5327 Argo Maxwell Davies O Magnum Mysterium Simon Preston Maxwell D…1
ZRG 5495 Argo Holst (6) Medieval Lyrics for voice(s) and (str…Purcell Singers I. Holst 1
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Mravinsky 1 mono

BAC 3013 Harm… Bach, C.P.E. (4) Hamburg Symphon(ies) Maier 1

AXTL 1068 Bruns… Bach, J.S.. Prelude etc. Segovia 1 mono
LA 8513 Bruns… Porter, Cole Songs Bing Crosby 1 mono

CCL 7501 Capitol Collection Concert for organ Richard Keys Biggs 1 mono
CTL 7053 Capitol Mozart Wolfgan…Symphony no 41 in C major K551 “Jupiter” Steinberg, W1 mono

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61217 CBS Brahms Symphony no 1 in c minor op 68 Walter 1
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ACL 267 Decca Roussel Symphony no 3 in g minor op 42 Ansermet 1 mono
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SXL 6788 Decca Britten, Benjamin A Birthday Hansel for voice and harp o…Peter Pears, Osi… 1
SXL 6842 Decca Elgar, Edward Concerto for violin and orchestra in b …Kyung-Wha ChungSolti 1


18 084/5 DGG Schoenberg Gurrelieder Various Kubelik 2 mono
89 511 DGG Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 9 in C major D944 “Great” Jochum 1 mono
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2530 880 DGG Stravinsky Les Noces Trinity Boys’ Choir, Bernstein… 1
2531 103 DGG Beethoven Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 55 “… Karajan 1
2531 144 DFF Berg, Alban (3) Orchestral Piece(s) op 6 Karajan 1
2531 146 DGG Webern Passacaglia op 1 for orchestra Karajan 1
2531 249 DGG Bartok, Bela 18…Concerto for viola and orcestra Benyamini Barenboim 1
2535 265 DGG Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 3 in d minor 1888/9 (N… Jochum 1
2535 333 DGG Bartok Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1 Geza Anda Fricsay 1
2535 808 DGG Schubert, Franz Symphony no 9 in C major D 944 “Great” Furtwangler 1 mono
2535 151 DGG Beethoven Fantasia for piano, chorus and orchestra Demus, Vienna …Leitner
2535 339 DGG … Ives, Charles 18…Three Places in New England, Sympho… Tilson Th… 1
2538 178 DGG Tchaikovsky Symphony no 4 in f minor op 36 Mravinsky 1
2538 179 DGG Tchaikovsky Symphony no 5 in e minor op 64 Mravinsky 1
2561 278-81 DGG Mendelssohn Symphony no 1 in D major 1888 c min… Karajan 4
2563 414 DGG Strauss, Johann 2 Die Fledermaus Overture (only) Karajan 1
2563 999 DGG Beethoven Symphony no 9 in d minor op 125 “Ch…Vienna Singverein Karajan 1
2707 125 DGG Mahler Symphony no 9 Karajan 1
2720 046-10 DGG Schumann Symphony 1-4 etc Karajan 3
2721 246 DGG Hindemith, Paul Cardillac op 39 Fischer-Dieska… Keilberth 2
2726 053 DGG Mahler Symphony no 8 in E flat major 1907 Soloists, Choirs Kubelik 2
2726 066 DGG Mahler, Gustav Symphony no 7 in e minor Kubelik 2
2740 213 DGG Berg Lulu Various Boulez 4
LPM 18 823 DGG Haydn, Josef Symphony no 88 in G major Jochum 1 mono
SLPM 138 076 DGG Rachmaninov, S…Concerto for piano and orcfhestera no…Sviatoslav Richter Wislocki 1
SLPM 138 111 DGG Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 5 in B flat Jochum 2
SLPM 138 659 DGG Tchaikovsky Symphony no 6 in b minor op 74 “Pathet Mravinsky 1
SLPM 138 783 DGG Mozart, Wolfga… Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1…Geza Anda 1
SLPM 138 822 DGG Tchaikovsky Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no 1 Richter, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Karajan
SLPM 138 881 DGG Haydn, Josef Mass in 7 in C “Missa in tempord belli” Morison, Thom… Kubelik 1
SLPM 138 923 DGG Debussy, Claude La Mer for orchestra Karajan 1
SLPM 138 973 DGG Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 5 in E flat Major op 82 Karajan 1
SLPM 138 974 DGG Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 4 in a minor op 63 Karajan 1
SLPM 139 160 DGG Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 36 in C major K 425 “Linz” Bohm 1
SLPM 139 184 DGG Nielsen, Carl Concerto for violin and orchestra op 33 Varga Semkov 1
SLPM 139 185 DGG Nielsen Symphony no 4 op 29 “Inextinguishable” Markevich 1
SLPM 139 405 DGG Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 21 in A major K 134 Bohm 1
SLPM 193 007 DGG Haydn, Josef Symphony no 91 in E flat major Bochum 1

004 492 DGG … Bach, Johann Se…Toccata and fugue in d minor for orga…Helmut Walcha 1
198 401 Archiv Bach, Johann Se…Cantata no 55 Ich armer Mensch, ich S…Haefliger etc. Thomas 1 mono
2535 264 DGG … Handel, George F. Concerto for organ and orchestra in F …Eduard Muller Wenzinger 1

2383 219 Polydor Vaughan Williams Te Deum in G for voice(s) and organ Bramma Robinson 1


Music for Pleasure
CFP 131 EMI Brahms Symphony no 1 in c minor op 68 Kempe 1
CFP 155 EMI Beethoven, Lud…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Richter-Haaser Kertesz 1
CFP 185 EMI Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf op 67 R. Baker Leppard 1
CFP 192 EMI CFP Beethoven, Lud…Sonata for piano no 14 in c sharp min… Daniel Chorzempa 1
CFP 202 EMI Janacek Quartet (string) no 1 “Kreutzer” Janacek Quartet 1
CFP 2014 EMI Holst The Planets suite for orchestra op 32 Stokowski 1 mono
CFP 4399 EMI CFP Mozart, Wolfga… Requiemin d minor K 626 Mathis, Bumbry…Frubeck d…1
CFP 40016 EMI CFP Vivaldi The Four Seasons for viol;in and (strin… Sillito Davidson 1
CFP 40017 EMI Beethoven Symphony no 6 in F major op 68 “Pastoral” Cluytens 1
CFP 40021 EMI CFP Haydn, Josef Symphony no 44 in e minor “Trauer” Pritchard 1
CFP 40025 EMI Beethoven Adelaide for voice and piano Prey, Moore 1
CFP 40038 EMI Bach, Johann Se…Cantata no 82 Ich Habe Genug Bwv 82 Prey, St Thoma… Thomas 1
CFP 40071 EMI C… Ravel Concerto for piano and orchestra in G…Francois Cluytens 1
CFP 40072 EMI CFP Mozart Flute Concerti, Adeney, English Chamber Orchestra, Leppard
CFP 40087 EMI Beethoven Concerto for piano and orchestra no 5…John Lill Gibson 1
CFP 40093 EMI CFP Ravel, Maurice … Le Tombeau de Couperin suite for orc… Cluytens
CFP 40233 EMI CFP Schubert, Franz Symphony no 9 in C major D944 “Great” Pritchard
CFP 40243 EMI CFP Holst The Planets, Halle Loughran
CFP 41 44161 EMI CFP Shostakovich, … Concerto for piano, trumpet and orche…Dmitri Alexeev Maksymiuk 1
MFP 2044 EMI Liszt (4) Hungarian Rhapsod(ies) for orchestra Schwarz R 1 mono
MFP 2046 EMI Elgar, Edward Nursery Suite for orchestra Collingwood 1
MFP 2060 EMI Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music vor voice(s), chorus…E Morison etc Sargent 1 mono
MFP 2067 EMI Beethoven Concerto for piano an orchestra no 1 i…Solomon Menges 1 mono
MFP 2069 EMI Tippett Concerto for (Double string) Orchestra W. Goehr 1 mono
MFP 2079 EMI Nielsen, Carl Concerto for violin and orchestra op 33 Menuhin Woldike 1 mono
MFP 2080 EMI Shostakovich, … Symphony no 1 in F major op 10 Markevich 1 mono
SMFP 2113 EMI Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker ballet suite op 71a ex… Slatkin, F 1
MFP 2115 EMI Dvorak, Antonin Concerto for violin and orchestra in a … Suk Ancerl 1
MFP 2119 EMI Britten The Rape of Lucretia (abridged) Pears, Evans, Cr…Goodall 1 mono

33C 1033 EMI Grieg Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, Gieseking, Philharmonia, Galleria
33C 1051 EMI C… Beethoven Symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 Klemperer 1 mono
33C 1053 EMI C… Mozart, Wolfga… Serenades no 13 in G major “Eine Klei… Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1054 EMI C… Bartok, Bela 18…Concerto for Orchestra Karajan 1 mono
33CX 1302 EMI C… Beethoven, Lud…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1…Geza Anda Galliera 1 mono
33CX 1039 EMI C… Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 8 in b minor D759 (Unfi… Beecham 1 mono
33CX 1241 EMI C… Hindemith, Paul Noblissima Visione ballet suite Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1346 EMI C… Beethoven Symphony no 3 in E flat op 55 “Eroica” Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1362 EMI C… Brahms Symphony no 4 in e minor op 93 Karajan 1 mono
33CX 1379 EMI C… Beethoven Symphony no 7 in A major op 92 Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1457 EMI C… Mozart Symphony no 25 in g minor K 183 Klemperer 1 mono
33CX 1480 EMI C… Or! Carmina Burana 1936 Giebel, Cordes, …Sawallisch 1 mono
33CX 1662 EMI C… Schumann, Rob…Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 97 “… Giulini 1 mono
33CX 1676 EMI C… Hindemith, Paul Symphonia Serena 1946 Dennis Brain Hindemith 1 mono
33CX 1703 EMI C… Mozart Symphony no 29 in A major K 201 Karajan 1 mono
SCX 3503 EMI C… Gould, Morton American Salute for orchestra Lane 1
33SX 1682 EMI C… Griffes Poem for flute and orchestra Sharp Lane 1
33SX 6014 EMI C… Kodaly Song(s) Andor 1

ALP 1013 EMI HMV Brahms Johan…Symphony no 2 in D major op 73 Toscanini 1 mono
ALP 1108 EMI HMV Beethoven Symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 Toscanini 1 mono
ALP 1325 EMI HMV Schubert, Franz…Symphony no 8 in b minor (Unfinished) Cantelli 1 mono
ALP 1356 EMI HMV Tchaikovsky Symphony no 6 in b minor op 74 “Path… Monteux 1 mono
ALP 1374 EMI HMV Ravel, Maurice … Daphnis et Chloe ballet Munch 1 mono
ALP 1578 EMI HMV Sibelius, Jean Karelia suite for orchestra op 11 Collins 1
ALP 1597 EMI HMV Hindemith, Paul Mathis der Maler Symphony Silvestri 1 mono
BLP 1004 EMI HMV Tchaikovsky, Pe…Swan Lake excerpts Barbirolli 1 mono
BLP 1036 EMI HMV Beethoven Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Solomon Cluytens 1 mono
BLP 1044 EMI HMV Schumann, Rob…Symphony no 4 in d minor op 120 Cantelli 1 mono
BLP 1083 EMI HMV Brahms, Johann…Symphony no 3 in F major op 90 Cantelli 1 mono
CLP 1008 EMI HMV Grieg, Edward Concerto for piano and orchestra in a …Moisewitsch Ackermann 1 mono
CLP 1019 EMI HMV Dvorak, Antonin Slavonic Dance(s) for orchestra op 46 … Malko 1 mono
CLP 1037 EMI HMV Grieg, Edward Concerto for piano and orchestra in a …Moura Lympany Menges 1 mono
CLP 1703 EMI HMV Haydn, Josef Symphony no 89 in F major Somogyi 1 mono
CLP 1766 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward The Miniature Elgar Collingwood1 mono

ASD 548 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward Variations on an original theme for or… Barbirolli 1
ASD 2474 EMI HMV Shostakovich, … Symphony no 8 in c minor op 65 Kondrashin 1
ASD 2487 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams An Oxford Elegy for speaker and orchestra Westbrook Aro… Willcocks 1
ASD 2488 EMI HMV Rachmaninov, S…Symphonic Dance(s) for orchestra op 45 Kondrashin 1
ASD 2496 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Concerto for (2) piano(s) and orchestr… Vronsky, Babin Boult 1
ASD 2518-9 EMI HMV Mahler Symphony no 5 in c sharp minor Baker Barbirolli 2
ASD 2538 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Symphony no 5 in D major 1943 Soloists Boult 1
ASD 2560-8 EMI HMV Beethoven Symphony no 1 in C major op 21 Various, Klemperer 9
ASD 2693-4 EMI HMV Sibelius Kullervo Symphony op 7 Soloist, chorus Berglund 2
ASD 2740 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Symphony no 2, 1914 rev 1920 “A Lo… Boult 1
ASD 2753 EMI HMV Saint-Saens, Ca…The Carnival of Animals for (2) piano(s…John Ogden, Br… Fremaux 1
ASD 2904 EMI HMV McCabe, John … Notturni ed Alba for voice and orchestra Jill Gomez Fremaux 1
ASD 2906 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward Concerto for cello and orcestra in e mi…Paul Tortelier Boult 1
ASD 2942 EMI HMV Schubert, Franz Symphony no 8 in b minor D759 (Unfi… Fischer-D…1
ASD 2946 EMI HMV Saint-Saens, Ca…Symphony no 1 in E flat op 2 Martinon 1
ASD 2953 EMI HMV Dukas, Paul Symphony in C Martinon 1
ASD 2962 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem for voice(s), shorus…S. Armstrong, J …Boult 1
ASD 3016 EMI HMV Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 35 in D major K385 “Ha… Karajan 1
ASD 3039 EMI HMV Bizet, Georges … Roma Fremaux 1
ASD 3080 EMI HMV Berlioz, Hector Roman Carnival Overture op 9 Fremaux 1
ASD 3097 EMI HMV Holst, Gustav 1…The Wandering Scholar Rippon, Burrow…Bedford
ASD 3176 EMI HMV Ibert, Jaques Symphonie Marina Fremaux 1 qua…
ASD 3118 EMI C… Strauss, R. Don Quixote for ‘cello and orchestra Rostropovich, B…Karajan 1 qua…
ASD 3155 EMI HMV Sibelius Symphony no 6 in d minor op 104 Berglund 1 qua…
ASD 3209 EMI HMV Lalo, Edouard …Symphonie Espagnole Yan Pascal Tort…Fremaux 1 qua…
ASD 3266 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward Symphony no 2 in E flat major op 63 Boult 1 qua…
ASD 3286 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis … Boult 1 qua…
ASD 3325 EMI HMV Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 1 in c minor Jochum 1
ASD 3348 EMI HMV Walton Te Deum for chorus and orchestra Fremaux 1 qua…
ASD 3358 EMI HMV Nielsen, Carl Hymnus Amoris for voice(s) chorus a…Soloists Woldike 1 qua…
ASD 3501 EMI HMV Faure, Gabriel Requiem for voice(s), chorus and orchestra Burrowes, Rayn…Fremaux 1 qua…
ASD 3600 EMI HMV Ravel, Maurice Gaspard de la Nuit for piano Andrei Gavrilov 1
BOX 80401-4 EMI HMV Brahms. Johannes Symphony no 1 in c minor op 68 Klemperer 4
CSD 3528 EMI HMV Bach, J.S. Cantatas 51 & 71 Giebel etc, St T… Thomas 1
CSD 3713 EMI HMV Sullivan The Tempest incidental music 1862 Dunn 1
EM 29 0444 EMI HMV Nielsen, Carl Symphony no 2 op 16 “The Four Temp… Jensen 2 mono
EP 7047 EMI HMV Reznicek Donna Diana overture Mackerras 1 mono (45 rpm 7″)
ESD 7065 EMI HMV Arnold, Malcolm Concerto for Phyllis and Cyril P. Sellick; C. Smith Arnold 1
ESD 7148 EMI HMV Revueltas, Silve…Sensemaya for orchestra Batik 1
HLM 7005 EMI HMV Elgar, Edward (5) Pomp amd Circumstance March(es) Elgar 1 mono
HLM 7014 EMI HMV Holst The Planets suite for orchestra op 32 G. Holst 1 mono
HQM 1006 EMI HMV Walton Facade Suite no 1 for orchestra Walton 1 mono
HQM 1007 EMI HMV Ireland Concerto for piano and orchestra no 5…Horsley etc. Cameron 1 mono
HQM 1008 EMI HMV Stravinsky, Igor L’ Histoire du Soldat Helpmann, Lon… Pritchard 1 mono
HQM 1010 EMI HMV Fricker, Peter R… Symphony no 2 in D major op 14 Pritchard 1 mono
HQM 1225 EMI HMV Debussy, Claude, (2) Arabesque(s) for piano etc Gieseking 1
HQS 1070 EMI HMV Sibelius, Jean Karelia Overture for orchestra op 10 Gibson 1
HQS 1236 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams On Wenlock Edge for voice and (piano)…I. Partridge 1
HQS 1249 EMI C… Susato The Danserve (12) dance(s) Munrow 1
HQS 1260 EMI HMV Holst Choral Fantasia op 51 J. Baker I. Holst 1
HQS 1292 EMI HMV Vaughan Williams Quartet (string) no 1 in g minor 1909 1
HQS 1325 EMI HMV Warlock The Curlew for voice, flute, cor anglais…J. Partridge 1
HQS 1364 EMI HMV Debussy, Claude Children’s Corner suite for piano Cristina Ortiz 1 qua…
P 264 EMI HMV Delius Koanga: La Calinda Lambert 1 (45 rpm 7”)
RLS 747 EMI HMV Rossini, L’ Italiana in Algeri Petri, Sciutti, Si… Giulini 2 mono
RLS 748 EMI HMV Britten, Benjami…Sonnet(s) of Michelangelo for voice an…Peter Pears, Be… 2 mono
RLS 748 EMI HMV Debussy, Claude Prelude(s) for piano Book 1 Wlater Gieseking 2
SAN 120 EMI C… Verdi Quattro Pezzi Sacri J. Baker Giulini 1
SAN 133-4 EMI C… Verdi Requiem Mass 1874 Schwarzkopf, L… Giuliani 2
SAN 324 EMI HMV Walton Belshazzar’s Feast for voice, chorus an…J Shirley-Quirk Previn 1
SAN 354 EMI HMV Holst Choral Symphony op 41 Palmer Boult 1
SAN 374-5 EMI HMV Berlioz, Hector Requiem op 5 (Grande Messes des Mortes) Tear Fremaux 2
SXLP 30076 EMI HMV Rimsky-Korsak…Le Coq d’Or suite for orchestra Kurtz 1
SXLP 30139 EMI HMV Walton Henry V incidental music for film Walton 1
SXLP30169 EMI HMV Rachmaninov, S…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Michelangeli Gracis 1
SLS 844 EMI HMV Prokofiev Symphony no 1 in D major op 25 “Clas… Rozhdest… 6
SLS 1000 EMI Mussorgsky Boris Godunov Talvela etc Semkov 4
SLS 5083 EMI Mozart Don Giovanni Sutherland etc Giulini 3
SXLP 30152 EMI HMV Falla, Manuel de Nights in the Gardens of Spain Soriano Frubeck d…1
SXLP30203 EMI HMV Rossini L’ Italiana in Algeri overture (only) Karajan 1
TWO 269 EMI HMV Grieg, Edvard Peer Gynt incidenal music Armstrong Barbirolli 1
XLP 30015 EMI HMV Tchaikovsky Manfred Symphony op 58 Kletzki 1 mono
XLP 30023 EMI HMV Brahms, Johann…Symphony no 1 in c minor op 68 Cantelli 1 mono
XLP 30044 EMI HMV Mahler Lieder Fahrenden Gesellen Fischer-Dieskau Furtwangl…1 mono
XLP 30072 EMI HMV Grieg Concerto for Piano Orchestra in a minor Lipatti Galliera/ … 1 mono

EMI International
C061-00413 EMI C… Debussy Pour le Piano Gieseking 1 (France)
STC 9072-3 EMI C… Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 8 in c minor Karajan 2 (Germany)
STE 80 607 EMI El…Rossini Stabat Mater Lorengar, Allen,…Forster 1
SZCX 3869 EMI Angel Hindemith Mathis der Maler Fischer-Dieska… Kubelik 3 (USA)

STE 50139 Erato Alain Litanies for organ Marie-Claire Al… 1
STU 70826 Erato Vivaldi (4) Concert(i) for viola d’amour and or… Calabrese Scimone 1

SDBR 3226 Everest Hindemith Die Harmonie der Welt Symphony Hindemith 1 mono

FER-3 First E…Hindemith, Paul Concert Music for pianoforte, harp an… Haas, W, Lee Hindemith 1 mono

6738 009 Fontana Bach, Johann Se…(4) Suites(s) for orchestra Maazel 2
SFL 14039 Fontana Haydn Symphony no 83 in g minor “La Poule” Goldberg/…1
SFL 14039 Fontana Haydn, Josef Symphony no 83 in g minor “La Poule” Goldberg 1
SFL 14073 Fontana Mozart, Wolfga… Symphony no 5 in B flat major K 22 Goldberg 1

LPX 11477 Hunga…Collection Gregorian Chant from Medieval Hunga… Dobszay/…1 mono
LPX 11981 Hunga…Collection Cimbalom folk and classic A Racz 1 mono
SLPD 12458 Hunga…Collection The Memory of Thomas Becket Dobszay/…1
SLPD 12554 Hunga…Kodaly, Zoltan Choral Music volume 5 Ugrin 1
SLPD 12693 Hunga…Rachmaninov, S…Concerto for piano and orchestra no 1 Zoltan Kocsis De Waart 1
SLPD 12756 Hunga…Handel, George F. Water Music Rolla 1
SLPX 11018 Hunga…Liszt, Franz Dante Symphony R 426 Veronika Kincses Lehel 1
SLPX 11398 Hunga…Bartok, Bela 18…Concerto for (s) piano(s) & percussion Pasztory-Barto… Sandor 1 mono
SLPX 11631 Hunga…Mozart, Wolfga… Concerto for (2) piano(s) and orchestr… Zoltan Kocsis. … Ferencsik 1
SLPX 12024 Hunga…Liszt, Franz Concerto for piano and orchestra no 2…Jeno Jando Ferencsik 1
SLPX 12049 Hunga…Collection Gregorian Chant from Medieval Hunga… Dobszay/…1
SLPX 12068 Hunga…Bartok, Bela Allegro Barbaro for piano etc Zoltan Kocsis 1
SLPX 12148 Hunga…Liszt, Franz Hungarian Coronation Mass Veronika Kincs… Lehel 1
SLPX 12163 Hunga…Collection Choral Music Borka/Cs… 1
SLPX 12252 Hunga…Kodaly, Zoltan Variations for orchestra The Peacock Lehel 1
SLPX 12348 Hunga…Bartok, Bela Concerto for Orchestra Ferencsik 1
SLPX 1299 Hunga…Bartok, Bela (10) Easy Piece(s) for pianoforte Zempleni 1
SLPX 17576 Hunga…Collection Whistle Concert Ramas Hacki 1
SLPX 18121 Hunga…Collection Muzsikas Hungarian Folk Music Group 1
SLPX11844 Hunga…Collection Court Music for King Matthias Various, Laszlo Czi…1
SLPX 11314 Hunge…Bartok, Bela Concerto for violin and orchestra no 1 Kovacs Korodi 1
574-5 Jecklin Hindemith, Paul Das Marienleben for voice and piano Gundula Janowi… 2

SOL 60032/3 L’Oise…Berlioz, Hector L’ Enfance du Christ op 25 Pears etc, St An…C. Davis 2

LLST 7148 Lyricord Nielsen. Carl Commotio for organ op 58 G Christensen 1
LLST 7155 Lyricord Nielsen, Carl Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn … The Lark Woodi… 1

SRCS 31 Lyrita Ireland A London Overture 1935 Boult 1
SRCS 56 Lyrita Holst A Somerset Rhapsody for orchestra op 21 Boult 1

MMA 11097 Mercury Barber Symphony 1 Hanson 1 mono (45rpm 7″)
WL 1002 Mercury Franck, Cesar Symphony in d minor Paray 1 mono
WL 1009 Mercury Tchaikovsky, Peter Symphony no 5 in e minor op 64 Dorati 1 mono
WL 1018 Mercury Smetana Ma Vlast for orchestra Kubelik 1 mono
WL 1035 Mercury Stravinsky, Igor Petrushka ballet Dorati 1 mono
XEP 9021 Mercury Verdi, Giuseppe La Forza del Destino 1862 overture Dorati 1 mono (45 rpm 7″)
XEP 9040 Mercury Vaughan Williams English Folk Song Suite for (military) band Fennell 1 mono (45 rpm 7″)

EXP 21 Oryx Bach, Johann Se…Passacaglia in c minor for organ BWV 582Lionel Rogg 1
ORYX 1923 Oryx Hindemith, Paul Sonata for organ no 1 (1937) Lionel Rogg 1
Oryx 1925 Oryx Britten, Benjami…The Holy Sonnets of John Donne for v… Gilvan, Capon 1

6500 125-7 Philips Tippett, Michael The Midsummer Marriage Remedios, Carl… Davis, C 3
6500 602 Philips Tippett Symphony no 3 H. Harper C. Davis 1
658 263 Philips Tchaikovsky, Peter Concerto for piano and orchestra no 2…Werner Haas Inbal 1
6580 025 Philips Rimsky-Korsak…Scheherazade for orchetsra op 35 Markevich 1
6580 074 Philips Corelli, Arcangelo Concerto Grosso no 1 in D major Ayo 1
6580053 Philips Mussorgsky Night on the Bare Mountain Lloyd-Jones 1
26/06/2009 14:20
6589 071 Philips Liszt Concerto for piamo and orchestra no … Richter Kondrashin 1
6599 729 Philips Bruckner, Anton Symphony no 4 in E flat Haitink 1
6833 119 Philips Mozart, Wolfga… Concerto for piano and orchestra no 2…Brendel Marriner 1
88 083 DY Philips Handel, George F. Water Music Maazel 1
9500 107 Philips Tippett Symphony no 1 C. Davis 1
9500 776 Philips Tchaikovsky Symphony no 3 in D major op 29 “Polish” Haitink 1
A01337L Philips Webern Passacaglia op 1 for orchestra Craft 1
AL 3567 Philips Beethoven Concerto for piano and orchestra no 5…Arrau Haitink 1 mono
AL 3573 Philips Berlioz Le Roi Lear overture op 4 Davis, C 1 mono
AL 3620 Philips Nielsen, Carl Fynsk Forar fpr chorus and orchestra Soloists, choir Woldike 1 mono
GBL 5629 Philips Bruckner, Anton Te Deum, Yeend, Lipton Walter 1 mono
S04611L Philips Beethoven, Lud…Symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 Szell 1
S04622L Philips Beethoven, Lud…Symphony no 6 in F major op 68 “Pastoral” Szell 1 mono
SAL 3515 Philips Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 2 in D major op 43 Szell 1
SAL 3593-4 Philips Mahler Symphony no 3 in d minor 1895 Forrester. Choir…Haitink 2
SAL 3797 Philips Wolf Italian Lieder Bppk for voice and piano Ameling, Baldwin 1
SBR 6201 Philips Ravel Bolero for orchestra 1928 Ormandy 1 mono
SGL 5785 Philips Haydn, Franz Symphony no 46 in B major Janigro 1
SGL 5786 Philips Haydn Symphony no 48 in C major “Marie Th… Janigro 1
SGL 5820 Philips Gershwin, George An American in Paris List Dorati 1
WL 1139 Philips Brahms Concerto for violin and orchestra in D …Krebbers Jordans 1


GGC 4007 Pye Tchaikovsky Serenade for (string) orchestra in C m… Jones 1 mono
GGC 4021 Pye Haydn Symphony no 39 in g minor Jones 1 mono
GGC 4025 Pye Britten, Benjami…Quartet (string) no 1 op 25 Fidelio Quartet 1 mono
GGC 4045 Pye Haydn Symphony no 13 in D major Jones 1 mono
GGC 4079 Pye Tippett Quartet (string) no 1 in A major 1935 …Fidelio Quartet 1 mono
GCC 4103 Pye Tippett Suite for orchestra in D Major 1948 “F… Tippett 1 mono
GSGC 14026 Pye Nielsen, Carl Symphony no 4 op 29 “Inextinguishable” Barbirolli 1
GSGC 14061 Pye Vaughan Williams Symphony no 8 in d minor 1955 Barbirolli 1
MAL 782 Pye Brahms Symphony no 3 in F major op 90 Sinclair, Croydo…Boult 1 mono
NLP 903 Pye Holst The Planets suite for orchestra op 32 Boult 1 mono

ARL1-1150 RCA Rachmaninov Symphony no 2 in e minor op 27 Ormandy 1
ARL1-1324 RCA Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestrano 3 …Ashkenazy Ormandy 1
AT 121 RCA Beethoven Symphony no 3 in E flat major op 55 “… Toscanini 1 mono
CDN 1028 RCA Beethoven Symphony no 7 in A Toscanini 1 mono
GL 25020 RCA Milhaud, Darius…Symphony no 6 for (large) orchestra 1955Paula Seibel Mestre 1
LSB 4012 RCA Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestra no 3…Rachmaninov Ormandy 1 mono
LSB 4013 RCA Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestra no 4…Rachmaninov Ormandy 1 mono
LSB 4094 RCA Satie, Erik (3) Gymnopedie(s) fpr orchestra (orch …de Lancie Previn 1
RB 16007 RCA Stravinsky The Rite of Spring 1913 Monteux 1 mono
RB 6755 RCA Shostakovich, … Symphony no 2 in C major op 14 “To … Gould, M 1 mono
RB 6757 RCA Nielsen, Carl Suite for piano op 45 John Ogden 1 mono
RL 11797 RCA Holst, Gustav The Planets op 32 Ormandy 1
RL 25027 RCA Rubbra, Edmund Improvisation(s) on Virginal Piece(s) by… Schonzeler 1
SB 6621 RCA Britten, Benjami…Songs from the Chinese for voice and …Pears, Britten, B… 1
SB 6691 RCA Walton Symphony no 1 in b flat minor 1935 Previn 1
SB 6714 RCA Nielsen, Previn Symphony no 1 in g minor op 7 Previn 1
SEC 7041 RCA Handel Messiah: Choruses Beecham 1 (45 rpm 7”)
SER 5507-8 RCA Puccini Tosca 1900 Price, di Stafan… Karajan 2
SER 5507/8 RCA Puccini Tosca Price etc Karajan 2
VIC 1227 RCA Debussy, Claude Le Martyre de Saint Sebastian Much, Kople! etc. Munch 1 mono
VICS 1188 RCA Respighi, OttarinoPines of Rome for orchestra 1924 Toscanini 1
VICS 1297 RCA Ravel Daphnis and Chloe ballet, 1917 New England C… Munch 1
VICS 6120 RCA Verdi Otello Vinay, Nelli, Val…Toscanini 3 mono

HCNL 800910 Redi… Smetana The Bartered Bride SoloistsSmetan… Vogel 2 mono

SPAN 6206 Saga Haydn, Josef Symphony no 43 in E flat major “Mercury” Woldike 1 mono
STXID 5031/2 Saga Bach, Johann Se…Brandenburg Concerto no 1 in F majpr Newstone 2
STXID 5260 Saga Purcell Man is for the Woman Made for voice … Shirley-Quirk, I… 1
STXID 5278 Saga Grigny, Nichola…Dialogues dir les grandes jeux Peter Hurford 1
STXID 5280/…Saga Bach, Johann Se…Mass in B minor G. Weber etc. Lehmann 3
STXID 5284 Saga Sibelius, Jean Symphony no 3 in C major op 52 Gibson 1
XID 5142 Saga Debussy, Claude Arabesque no 1 for piano Malcolm Binns 1 mono
XID 5211 Saga Vaughan Williams Songs of Travel for voice and piano J Shirley-Quirk,… 1 mono

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Being fed pig swill

Will the new Tory Lib Dem alliance address the issue of big business pushing genetically modified food down our throats. There is talk of “two tier” food production, the one organic and available to those who can pay the price, the other produced from the untried, and therefore potentially harmful, mass produced g.m.crops. These will produce huge profits to their producers – the human equivalent of feeding pigs.
The power of corporate lobbyists like Monsanto is well demonstrated in pending US legislation where huge sums of money are being fed into g.m. development with no mention of alternatives. The trend is apparent elesewhere, including Britain and India, where the effectiveness of the lobbyists has been shown, Elected members are very keen to assist in this lucrative activity.

The National Interest

Cameron, Brown, Clegg all singing from the same hymn sheet “what we propose is in the National Interest”. We don’t think so as they propose draconian cuts affecting working people disproportionately. They and their wealthy mates are not going to feel the effects of low wages, loss of essential services and so on.
As over one hundred billion Euros are being thrown at bailing out Greece the question arises how much will this cost the Greek people. Clearly they are not in the mood to accept this. The lenders must be rubbing their hands with glee at the profits arising from this unimaginable loan. The Greek government should own the banks not the banks own the Greek government in effect holding it and the people of Greece to ransom.
The following is a Socialist Labour Party response to the General Election outcome:

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The death spiral

The count in Birmingham for the General Election was long and tedious last night at the National Indoor Arena. I was Socialist Labour Party candidate for Perry Barr but it seemed that voters were intent on focusing on the big two: Labour and Tory. This morning nothing is clear except that what lies ahead is a deepening crisis of capitalism. Who can manage the crisis better? If Greece is to go by neither will be able to save the rotten system as “a spiral of death” grips Europe.
The Washington Post looks at Spain in what the Daily Telegraph has described as a “domino effect”. “Cuts will be made” we have been told by all major contenders in their bid to save Capitalism. The details are all hidden but there have been many reports of dire effects on the NHS, on public services and jobs all of which fall hardest on the most vulnerable and poorest sections of society.
As the people of Greece are making clear they ain’t going to stand for it. In Britain the public protested on the streets about the poll tax and if the Tories take the reigns today they ware likely heading to civil strife. The Tory Toff leader has made sympathetic noises about poverty but he clearly isn’t a representative of working people and is entrenched in an elite world which trades on exploitation of labour globally. The problem is Blair and co felt hey could do the same better. Now Tony, also a public school lad whose father was a Conservativ supporter has lived up to the promise of being as good a Tory as any. New Labour is still fatally infected by his ghost as Hoon, Blewitt an Byers – not to mention the Lord Mandelson et al demonstrate daily. Britain is one of the dominoes although still not attached to th Euro groaning at the prospect of bailing out the Greeks. “Not a measure to be repeated” they say so will they let the next Euro state to become bankrupt to hang out to dry?

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Greek workers say “no” to cuts

With all major contenders in the UK elections promising cuts – but not saying exactly what or how big – will taking to the streets be trend? The Socialist Labour Party thinks Greece is “a test case”.
Greece is becoming a test case for how successfully austerity measures can be loaded onto the backs of the working class.
The recent IMF and European Central Bank (ECB) loan to the Greek government totalling 110bn euros, up from an initial estimate of 37bn euros, is dependent on ensuring workers pay for an economic crisis not of their making.
Greek Finance Minister Yiorghos Papakonstantinou stated that instalments of the loan will be made every three months over a period of three years, dependent on the terms of the loan being met.
So what are the terms of this IMF/ECB loan?
A further three per cent wage cut for all workers in the electricity, water, telecommunication and gas industries, this follows last month’s cut of 7%.per cent.
A three year wage freeze for all other workers; a further rise in VAT of two per cent making it 23 per cent; a ten per cent tax on petrol; cuts in public spending, though these were not detailed; the privatisation of the Greek railways; some disability pensions to be scrapped; women to now work as long as men before retirement (the last round of attacks, barely weeks ago, had already raised the retirement age by two more years). Furthermore a Pensions Bill is expected to be introduced by the Greek government shortly which will end the state pension completely.
According to the public sector trades unions federation workers income will be reduced by 35%, the minimum wage and collective bargaining will end and unemployment will reach 20% by the end of this year. The Union claimed “Society is becoming a volcano”
Commenting on the IMF/ECB bailout the Guardian newspaper stated “It is also clear that the bailout orchestrated by the IMF, the European commission and the European Central Bank will merely be a short-term fix unless it can help get Greece moving again. If it can’t, it will be worse than useless”
After outlining the reasons why this bailout will fail the Guardian report ended with the warning “That is not a recovery plan. It is an economic death spiral.”
The situation in Greece is set to escalate to Portugal, Spain and Ireland, with the US and UK by no means exempt in the near future.
The Greek public sector trade unions have called a general strike for 4th and 5th of May.
A link to a short video report from the Guardian is below.