No Fly Zone over Gaza

If Libya can be a No Fly Zone why can’t Gaza? The international community has its knickers in the twist over Libya and the bombing of civilians by Gadhafi’s forces – hasn’t been specified how many have died by “co-lateral damage” now US and NATO are unleashing weapons. There is no such outcry about the bombing of civilians, including children, in Gaza. Why is the question we ask repeatedly?
It appears that in the latest raids on Gaza white phosphorous is still in use by the Israelis so on 21st April children will make a human chain to spell out NO FLY ZONE. I very much like the idea, although knowing the propensity for Israel to be perverse in matters of humanity it could see this as an invitation for even more bombing!
Difference between Libya and Gaza, Libya is constantly in the news – usually a one sided affair – while Gaza rearly gets a mention. The use of phosphorous was a scandal during Operation Cast Lead, but now it’s not worth mentioning. Israel has proved it can do anything it likes, whether develop the most dangerous weapons imaginable, while the US supplies money and yet more high tech weaponry. France supplied the old, dated and risk-laden nuclear technology, perhaps Britain supplies more although Israel has a well developed arms industry and exports to places like India (shame on its government for dealing with them).

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