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James Connolly and the EU

A series of articles about James Connolly in the Morning Star today, Tuesday June 5th, include a timely article from Ireland about “James Connolly and the EU” concerning his reaction to it had he been living now. This would be rejection. I mentioned this on Facebook and had an immediate and passionate response that in no way would he aligned to Brexit which is inherently fascist. The seems to be the position that those Labour MPs and supporters claiming to be on the left who are planning a summer of meetings to put the case for remaining regardless of the outcome of the referendum of June 23rd 2016.

James Connolly founded the Socialist Labour Party which has consistently argued that being a member of the European Union removes the democratic possibility of electing those who represent us and holding them to account. An account of the challenges he faced as a socialist in Ireland and of the 80 years of the Connolly Association testify to his influence. Finally there is a review of a republished bookly”“The Life and times of James Connol by C. Desmond Greaves testifies to his humanity.