Varoufakis starts a movement in Berlin

Interesting that Yannis Varoufakis has begun a new pan European movement in Berlin. His view of Europe that is being run by a cartel is shared, and has been for some time. Notwithstanding many who agree still believe our future is in Europe.

Across the world the desire for something different is emerging, something that is challenging the existing elite. In New Hampshire the people have selected Bernie Sanders as their candidate for the Democratic Party and Donald Trump the Republicans. The controlling elite will contest this to ensure they hold their power intact.

On Saturday last, 6th February, Arthur Scargill, leader of the Socialist Labour Party in the UK, spoke in Birmingham on the 44th anniversary of the Battle of Saltley Gate. Scargill then took a leading role in halting the 15,000 Birmingham workers marching in support of the miners. The police had intended that they march from east to west and west to east but that they should pass each other. When they were outside the gate Arthur Scargill gave the order to stop and the police gave the order to “shut the gate”. In all 30,000 had stopped work representing all sections of Birmingham society: African Caribbean, Asian, women and men. Their action culminated in the end of another appalling Tory administration. If there is such solidarity it can happened again.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party illustrates how the entrenched MP’s of Labour are joining opposition to him in spite of the substantial majority of Labour Party members voicing support. In Westminster the revolving door system is illustrative the in-built corruption and the stranglehold of the ruling elite over MPs of all parties. The lobbyists from the arms industry for one will not countenance an end to the outrageously expensive, and ultimately useless, Trident.

One thought on “Varoufakis starts a movement in Berlin

  1. David Jacobsen

    Feature of interest to me published today in MS 27/03/2024. Page 11 ‘features’ STRAPLINE ‘Science and Society’
    “The emboldened feudalism of academic institutions may be part of a broader societal trend. Theorist Michael Luc Bellemare and politician Yanis Varoufakis have recently been prominent proponents of the idea that we are living through a global transition to neofeudalism, or techno-capitalist-feudalism. The idea is that the revolution in technology us into a new sort of extreme inequality, where a very few ultra-elites have power over the vast majority, through their power over technology, producing a new type of feudalism. This is where we return to fascination with key personalities, with power concentrated in the hands of a small number techno-aristocrats.”
    John, Can you source back to the lengthy reply on your website from Varoufakis to my critique of his theories? I would like to review that brief exchange of views if available.
    Look forward to seeing you Saturday.


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