Give peace a chance. Not if there’s Money involved

There will be no peace. Not so long as big business calls the shots. The UK was among those flogging their specialities in killing to Libya and Bahrain up to the wire.
Meanwhile it is revealed sales of death from the US to Israel are revealed.
The revolving door system where retiring politicians, government officials or army staff take up lucrative appointments advising the arms et al industries is well oiled. In the UK there are numerous appointments listed since 1999.

Don’t say anything ‘cos it’ll be banned. Mind you when it comes to the British Parliament chance’d be a fine thing!

2 thoughts on “Give peace a chance. Not if there’s Money involved

  1. Small Business SEO

    It appears like at long last Saudi women are beginning to take the first steps towards a long overdue equality with Saudi men. Doesn’t it strike you as strange, though, that the West hasn’t invaded, all guns blazing, boots on the ground, long before now because of this blatant breach of human rights? Couldn’t be that the Arabs are left alone because of their longstanding agreement to only sell oil in dollars, could it?

  2. SME SEO

    Apparently Bahrain has now advanced as far as the English Middle Ages, burning women for witchcraft. Oddly despite the alacrity with which Britain and America usually leap to the assistance of peoples when their human rights are ignored by some despot, where the good folk of Bahrain are concerned, The UK and USA won’t lift a finger to help them. They’re on their own. Could this be because of the deal that was struck to save the dollar from extinction, when Nixon declared Bahrain could maim and torture whomsoever it wanted so long as it sold its oil in dollars, creating the petrodollar and making it the world’s reserve currency?


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