Middle Eastern Spring. Promises and sell outs

From this post there is evidence that young people in Israel are not immune from the feeling that their governments don’t represent them and a denial of democracy prevents them from protesting openly. But speak out they will and given the opportunity we need to listen to what they have to say.
The message is also clear that western governments don’t have the solution to the world they inhabit, where as they say Christians, Muslims and Jews have contributed to the vibrant culture they inherit. It is one that is denied by the current divisions being practiced by their oppressive government which treats Palestinians with derision and contempt.
In fact without western governments many of the regimes, including Israel would not function. Their despotic leaders have acceded to the whims and coercive measures of the US and their allies, buying their arms and other implements of oppression and trading with their massively powerful corporations. The young people of the world see through this where the older generation have been blinded by the lies and fictions fed to them by one of those corporate giants, the mass media.

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