Cable wants AV to stop Tory dominance.

Perhaps there’s a simpler way of the Lib-Dems preventing Tory dominance. Just stop supporting them and the most Neanderthal of Tory governments imaginable. It’s good that some Lib-Dems. like Vince Cable, are finding their voices against fears of wrecking the sordid alliance. People are going to vote against AV to kick Clegg up the backside. Biting off your nose to spite your face doesn’t come into it.
No one, including Milliband and Cable, claims AV is the goal in restructuring our out-dated political system, but it is the crumbs that are offered on May 5th. The pathetic compromise in return for the Lib Dem fawning agreement to support some of the most unthinkable policies across. Privatisation has never had it so good and even Thatcher never dared to utter thoughts as extensive as prisons or the blood transfusion service. Mind you New Labour went a lot further than she did which makes it difficult for them to put the brakes on too. It’s far from clear where Labour as a whole is on voting with political dinosaurs like John Reid sharing a platform with David Cameron for goodness sake.

The debate.

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