The Big Society will destroy the public domain

When Margaret Thatcher pronounced that “there is no such thing as society” perhaps this was a wish rather than a statement of fact. People profoundly disagreed. Cameron and the Tories are about to make it a reality. After the demolition of the NHS everything else provided by the state will be offered on a plate to the private sector. It is an entrepreneur’s dream. A Peoples’ Nightmare. Polly Toynbee has read David Cameron’s article in the Daily Telegraph and puts her dreadful conclusions in the Guardian.
As Toynbee points out there will be no going back since the whole edifice will be broken up. Nothing will be left. There was no mention of this prior to the election. Presumably the Liberal Democrats are happy with this, but so far their support for the unsupportable has shown a craven wish to do just anything to hang on into power. This is power. Well not theirs or most certainly the majority of Lib Dem voters. Time for Nick Clegg to pull the plug. If not him, then others have to break rank.

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