Cut benefits. To bankers that is!

Worth sharing! The main opposition aren’t saying “NO CUTS”, including the Labour Party and Trades Unions. they are objecting to the size and speed while maintaining that cuts are necessary. We don’t agree! as this brief film makes clear wealth there in aplenty in UK PLC, Problem is it is being syphoned into private hands and the proposals for cuts in jobs and services in the public sector are supposedly to be taken up by private concerns. These typically pay poor wages and conditions while profits soar. We’ve been conned and all Labour can do is go along with it opposing at the margins. None of this tackles the problem of Capitalism which inherently fails to deliver except for the few who managed the system in the first place. The bankers have been bailed out by Labour as well as the ConDems. They set the scene for them to go further and faster. At the same time tax avoidance is rife, both individually and corporately. Some are already on their case! Well done!
In short we need to retake control of the economy and all the other commodities and services on which we depend. The dependency has been artificially created to give no choice, so we pay more and more for food, for energy, for a home. Services previously labelled “essential disappear and at the same time wages and pensions fall dramatically of they don’t completely disappear. Cuts isn’t the word. It is a war on the people by those who have seized control. The limit of democracy is the ballot box, which we know is not representative of peoples wishes. In May we get to vote for a system which should be marginally fairer but falls well short of what the treacherous Liberal Democrats promised us they would fight for before we gave them sufficient votes to get a sniff of real power.

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