Hillary doesn’t get it. The hypocrisy of Western leaders

Western leaders bleat on about democracy, or lack of it around the world, while right under their noses the state clamps down on demonstrations even when they are peaceful. An ex CIA agent, now fed up with US foreign policy stood up while Hillary Clinton intoned about how protesters elsewhere were treated with brutality. He turned his back in silent protest and was immediately pounced on by heavyweight thugs, supposedly security officers. He was subsequently interviewed as you can see here.
David Cameron too was intentionally or unintentionally ironic as he went on a visit to Cairo among a number of Middle Eastern countries. The sub-text was trade, but most evident in his entourage were representatives of the arms industry. What fantastic timing as the Middle East rises up how could such an opportunity to sell to opposing sides and ensure that blood baths are well and truly sustained. Did he know that the crowds that had returned to Tahrir Square were chanting about marching on Jerusalem in support of the beleaguered Gazans? Was he with them with the wish to stop the bombing of Gaza which is continuing as we speak?

Maybe the only leader in the west to have broken ranks is Angela Merkel who lost it when the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu phone to complain about Germany not voting the right way (in support Israel that is) at the UN. In response to the comment that “he was disappointed” she responded tartly that “no, we are disappointed in you not doing a thing to advance the peace process.” Well done Angela! More please.

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