The National Interest

Cameron, Brown, Clegg all singing from the same hymn sheet “what we propose is in the National Interest”. We don’t think so as they propose draconian cuts affecting working people disproportionately. They and their wealthy mates are not going to feel the effects of low wages, loss of essential services and so on.
As over one hundred billion Euros are being thrown at bailing out Greece the question arises how much will this cost the Greek people. Clearly they are not in the mood to accept this. The lenders must be rubbing their hands with glee at the profits arising from this unimaginable loan. The Greek government should own the banks not the banks own the Greek government in effect holding it and the people of Greece to ransom.
The following is a Socialist Labour Party response to the General Election outcome:

The General Election and ‘National Interest’
According to the government’s own legislation, the result of a trade union ballot on strike action is only deemed legal and valid if the result in favour reaches a total of 50% + 1 out of the total number that voted.
In the 6th May general election the Conservatives achieved a vote of 36% from the electorate, Labour reached 29% and the Lib-Dems 23%. Applying the same regulations to this general election as they do to trade union ballots would mean the result of this election is invalid.
Yet we find that the leadership of these parties are now busy conducting behind the scenes deals in order that some form of government will quickly emerge. And the phrase that all these leaders are using is that this is being done ‘in the national interest’.
Tory leader Cameron stated: “No government will be in the national interest unless it deals with the biggest threat to our national interest, and that is the deficit. We remain completely convinced that starting to deal with the deficit this year is essential.”
He added: “Britain needs strong, stable, decisive government and it is in the national interest that we get that on a secure basis. We need a government that reassures the international markets.”
Media darling Nick Clegg said “It is now for the Conservative Party to prove that it is capable of seeking to govern in the national interest.”
Gordon Brown, displaying no principles whatsoever commented: “For my part, I should make clear that I would be willing to see any of the party leaders if it is in the national interest to do so.”
That they can find common ground is not a surprise, since all these parties represent the same ruling elite and in essence all believe that the working class has to pay for the current economic crisis. Moreover, when they talk about the ‘national interest’ they reveal themselves as political fraudsters.
All these parties have supported the destruction of Britain’s manufacturing base and the privatisation of its energy industries, resulting in the energy needs of the people of Britain being at the mercy of imports from the most unstable regions on earth. This is not in the interest of the 60 million inhabitants of Britain but on the contrary is tantamount to treason.
Furthermore, the term ‘national interest’ is used by these political scoundrels to conceal the fact that society is in reality made up of opposing classes, each with their own distinct interests, and the government act in the interests of only one class, the ruling class.
How can the interests of big business, whose function is to extract the maximum amount of surplus value from its labour force, be the same interests as their workers who have to fight to protect their working conditions and standards of living?
How can the investment bankers at RBS who were recently paid bonuses of £1.3 billion, be equated to the workers struggling to put food on the table for their families?
How can the interests of workers and youth trying to combat growing debt, unemployment and housing problems be the same as Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, who is the richest property developer in Britain, with an estimated wealth of £6.75billion and owning vast estates in Lancashire, Cheshire and Scotland as well as internationally owning estates in Canada and Spain?
Whatever form of government is eventually cobbled together, the term ‘national interest’ will be used as a cover behind which they intend to launch savage attacks on the social conditions of the working class.

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