The death spiral

The count in Birmingham for the General Election was long and tedious last night at the National Indoor Arena. I was Socialist Labour Party candidate for Perry Barr but it seemed that voters were intent on focusing on the big two: Labour and Tory. This morning nothing is clear except that what lies ahead is a deepening crisis of capitalism. Who can manage the crisis better? If Greece is to go by neither will be able to save the rotten system as “a spiral of death” grips Europe.
The Washington Post looks at Spain in what the Daily Telegraph has described as a “domino effect”. “Cuts will be made” we have been told by all major contenders in their bid to save Capitalism. The details are all hidden but there have been many reports of dire effects on the NHS, on public services and jobs all of which fall hardest on the most vulnerable and poorest sections of society.
As the people of Greece are making clear they ain’t going to stand for it. In Britain the public protested on the streets about the poll tax and if the Tories take the reigns today they ware likely heading to civil strife. The Tory Toff leader has made sympathetic noises about poverty but he clearly isn’t a representative of working people and is entrenched in an elite world which trades on exploitation of labour globally. The problem is Blair and co felt hey could do the same better. Now Tony, also a public school lad whose father was a Conservativ supporter has lived up to the promise of being as good a Tory as any. New Labour is still fatally infected by his ghost as Hoon, Blewitt an Byers – not to mention the Lord Mandelson et al demonstrate daily. Britain is one of the dominoes although still not attached to th Euro groaning at the prospect of bailing out the Greeks. “Not a measure to be repeated” they say so will they let the next Euro state to become bankrupt to hang out to dry?

As the Socialist Labour Party pointed out last year in the European elections and long before the whole edifice of Europe is suspect and built on sand. How long before it all comes tumbling down? Of course it has all ben arranged that the poorest will pay the bill and take the consequences.

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  1. Alena

    Labour are trying to shrug off all this stuff as eglhtheartid April Fool type japes.The class war is a total turn off to all except already committed Lefties. It is unlikely to draw in any floating voters to the cause.Portraying GB as a thuggish bully and caricaturing Eric Pickles as a toff(?) is absolutely NOT how Tony Blair won three Elections on the trot. It is a sure sign of how Labour have abandoned the centre ground in an attempt to shore up their more traditional hard-left support.


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