Who do you want to lead Labour, Milliband – or Milliband?

Get David Milliband and you get Blair Mark II – pro Zionist and self promoting. Is that why his brother is standing against him. Must be a good reason we don’t yet know about. John Cruddas has ruled himself out, saying it’s not something he aspires to. It’s a duty. Given some of those who have or are likely to put themselves forward, forgive me asking what special abilities they might have as opposed to what they think they have?
Talk about successful Labour areas where members run the local party, as opposed to party officials. Does it happen anywhere in Labour? Ian Reilly successfully ended local determination here in Birmingham seeing his duty to make sure there was not a vestige of left remaining. Now I expect the bugger’s crowing about the exceptional results Birmingham achieved on May 6th. Well everyone, or very nearly, voted either for Tories or Labour, to ensure the one they weren’t supporting didn’t see the light of day. I noticed how young people – even those below voting age – became involved, although there has been a lot of bemoaning that this group are not engaged. Bullshit or what? Certainly many are supporting PR voting to end the stranglehold of the established elite of the major parties, so they shouldn’t appear too smug with the results.
Since all parties, including Tory substitutes the Lib Dems, and New Labour are all Capitalist and allow themselves to give power to multinationals who demand all that we don’t want: G.M. crops, a nuclear future, pharmaceuticals which are harmful then who represents us? The Green Party doesn’t call for an end to it but acts as if the status quo will act environmentally. The Gulf of Mexico provides an answer to that one.

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