God and Mammon in league

As Christianity tells us you cannot worship both “God and Mammon”, but that is just what those wielding power are trying to do. They want to have their cake and eat it! The spectacle of the City of London Corporation working with St Paul’s to evict protestors against greed and lust for thinks temporal is matched against a world wide movement saying that Capitalism is not working. Not working for 99% that is. The London Corporation may espouse Christian ethics but no one expects them to practice it. It is rather different for St Paul’s!
The question of Christianity becoming part of an establishment has always been a contradiction of terms. Here we are about to witness this being played out in front of us as the protestors on the steps of St Paul’s are served with eviction notices. The image of Dale Farm is conjured up. To close a call for many with a Christian conscience. Some have spoken about forming a ring around the camp. The Church says it does not want to see violence. The City of London has said nowt. The full force of the law will fall on the protestors – and no doubt any “Christians” who stand in their way.

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