Capitalism for Toddlers

Unexpected developments in the saga of St Paul’s and the Corporation of London. While clearly the C of E as an Establishment body found itself under pressure the Corporation of London is not obviously so. This ancient and revered body is now highly secret, but it is deeply embodied in our fold history. Could even be a pantomime.
While I have heard the Archbishop of Canterbury, even if cautiously, express his reservations about Establishment behaviour I did not expect the Corporation of London to fall in line. I am deeply suspicious about that. There was a prospect of not just the usual suspects turning up, but Christian groups declared they would encircle the protest. What was the reason for them to decide not to proceed with their threats of eviction. Did Dale Farm loom too large. This time it wouldn’t be travellers they faced but some of “their own”. Images of violence at St Paul’s would not send a good image around the world of London.
Meanwhile in Greece it has been suggested that the people have their say at taking on the crippling austerity measures. That would involve paying back the huge amounts that the bankers suggested they borrowed in the first place. What will Goldman Sachs make out of the returns when they gave crap advice in the first place? The 1% of likely beneficiaries clearly don’t want the 99% to even have an opinion. Our governments are backing the banks again. The bankers believe they’ve got us over a barrel and the politicians agree. Greece has called their bluff. Occupy London will stand tall by doing the same, in league with Occupy Wall Street and the other movements mushrooming throughout the world of Capitalism. Crisis? What crisis?

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