The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable

The pursuit of the Fox by the hunt is beginning to bring results. Atlantic Bridge? It seems their website is being reconstructed. What are they hiding? The Tory agenda is unravelling as links to the US far right appear with Cameron as an apologist. Just what were the Lib Dems thinking about when they agreed to support Tories in coalition? Didn’t know what they were about? Leopards don’t change their spots – foxes don’t have them, but we know what they’re about and avoid putting them in charge of hen houses.
With Blair in charge we didn’t need the Atlantic Bridge (perhaps he was part of it} when he gave the warmongers credibility to act. Not that Blair was ever credible among the majority of us as we showed when we marched against war on Iraq.
What is amazing is that Fox has been waltzing around with Werritty for so long and so blatantly that it is incredible it wasn’t spotted by the press or reigned in by Cameron long since. He was in it for business? They were making profit for themselves through business? They were dabbling in right wing politics in the US, in Israel, in Sri Lanka, in Iran? As we see the prospect of perpetual war extending to Iran the reality is more and more frightening. War enriches those linked to the burgeoning industry, and here we have the UK Minister of Defence right in the middle of it. Cameron too was in Bahrain of all places banging the drum for its business.

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