The League Against Cruel Sports must be brought in

The Fox hunting season is in full swing. The new “safe pair of hands” brought to Defence that is Philip Hammond is already under scrutiny with names like Goldman Sachs emerging. Not that there are likely to be any of this right wing billionaire cabinet, the Tory bit that is, that will emerge without blemish. William Hague for example is running furiously just to stand still to distance himself from Atlantic Bridge. This cruel sport of Tory hunting will have to stop!
Cameron, Hammond and all have paid lavish tributes to Fox for his services to himself and his wealthy mate for lining their own pocket in the course of government business. There couldn’t be more sensitive areas but there we see the unelected, unknown Werritty deep in links with Iranian interests. War its seems is also a business conducted by dodgy dealers. All they want are bigger better wars. Humanity is of no consideration as they peddle their misery, death and destruction of people and their environment. No holds barred. Their support of the present state of Israel demonstrates that.
Clearly there is more to air, so rather than being pushed, the Fox has jumped.

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