Dragging it out. The truth about Iraq and the Second Coming.

Don’t go to war Mr Blair, please don’t. And so we marched, up to 2 million of us sometimes 3 generations of families together to say “NO!” Since then we’ve been up hill, down dale, round and round the Wrekin. The Chilcot enquiry met and along came Blair, Campbell and lots of others. On Friday Blair returns. The Second Coming – but Judas has got there first in the form of Lord Goldsmith. “No Blair’s statements did not reflect the advice he had been given.” Seems as if the truth will come out, even it has to be dragged out.
After countless deaths, not to mention maiming. loss of homes. jobs – total destruction we are getting glimmers from what has been called the “unenquiring Chilcot enquiry“. It’s shutting the gates after the horse has bolted but if nothing is done our leadership will still follow the same path, the slippery slope that will some time lead to our own annihilation. If it’s not by war it will be by destruction of the environment. Leaders don’t have the last word. They are led by the immense power of the corporate money-making institutions which have no difficulty in roping in those we elected in the belief and hope that democracy is the answer to everything.


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