Aristide is blocked from returning to Haiti but Baby Doc is back!

The US wants to keep control over its backyard by keeping people oppressed and poor, nowhere more so than in devastated Haiti. This culturally rich but heavily exploited nation has not been rebuilt in spite of the invasion of armies of aid workers. It was outsiders who brought further death and misery to the tented population living in insanitary conditions in the form of cholera. The popularly elected leader Aristide has been barred from returning to Haiti while the infamous “Baby Doc” Duvalier turns up.
An article in Granma speaks of Haiti as a “shame on the world”. Cuba, itself a poor nation held in check by its bullying neighbour, has shown exemplary action in the aid Cuban and Cuban trained staff have delivered in Haiti, going into some of the most remote and difficult regions. Their work is recognised by the major health agencies. Yet humanity is not a priority to the wealth creators. Domination carried out by any means whether involving death and destruction is their priority. They rely on collaborators to carry out their bidding, dividing and ruling in the age old manner of imperialism.

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