Patricia in the public eye once more

If you thought Hewitt blew it after taking a starring role in Channel 4 Dispatches time to think again. I caught sight of her in the background foreground – if you see what I mean – of the news covering the Cameron Show in India. “No can’t be” I thought “Didn’t she leave the room with Brown?” Well it was no apparition, Patricia Blewitt as large as life and this is why. More here.
This all seems to be part of New Labour and Blairism seamlessly drifting from one administration to another. Did you think tou were voting for change at this election. Not then or the election before. We drifted from Thatcherism – a free free market or – free-for all – celebrating US Capitalism – to Blairism. Blair and New Labour was always the true heir to Thatcher. Mark is another story. Now we float back to a new Tory era yet to be named. Some disclaim Thatcher but that world in indelibly marked on our culture. Individualism, selfishness, greed dominates an elite circle. While there is wide acquiescence there are many who hate seeing public services handed on a platter to the self-serving barbarians who presently control our destiny.
Our Patricia is quoted in the Independent:
“The former Labour cabinet minister Patricia Hewitt, who now chairs the UK India Business Council, says: “India, one of the world’s most exciting and fast-growing economies, offers opportunities that no British business can afford to neglect, particularly as we emerge from the global financial crisis.”
Ms Hewitt accompanied the Prime Minister on his trade mission, along with the Chancellor, George Osborne, the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, and the universities, culture and energy ministers. With them were the heads of major UK companies, including BAE, Vodafone, Standard Life, the Aviva insurance group, B&Q, Penguin Books, 3i and Standard Chartered. The chiefs of the CBI and the Institute of Directors were among the 40-strong business delegation.”

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