Are Fannie and Freddie homeless now?

In US the big lenders are now out in the cold. The lobbyists from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, once close buddies of the Clintons and the Bushes, are now history as Democratic politicians at least look elsewhere. So maybe there is something of that change happening under the Obama administration.
Unfortunately there’s rather less sign of post-Blairite politicians in the UK moving away from being lobby fodder. They need to top up their modest incomes by selling their soul to the devil whether the nuclear power, gm crops or arms industries they’ll be there with their boots blacked for sure. Hoon and Hutton and Hewitt, all at it and not a sign of embarrassment. And we haven’t looked at the Tories who we came to expect to be at the trough in the natural order of things. New Labour’s motto was “we can always be better at being Tories than you” and so they all proved from “the Great White Shark” Tony Blair, through My Lord Mandelson (didn’t he want to put himself up for leader of the new New Labour? What slipped there?) all seeking to earn a bob or two while the rest go unemployed, lose their homes and generally slum it. In the US the old guard Clintons, at once jealously guarding their privacy and parading their considerable newly found wealth, show their contempt fro those caught up in the mess that resulted from the sort of policies they once pursued.

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