Police above the law

Jennifer Cooper arrest
Jennifer Cooper lies still on the ground after a savage beating from two police officers seen standing over her. They are not tending to her multiple injuries they have just inflicted one is about to put handcuffs on her. She was taken to the police station for questioning about serious allegations about her, apparently from a totally unreliable source.
We continue to believe that the police force is a service intended to protect us from harm, that is unless the law is broken, If, however, members of the police force act unlawfully harming members of the public, us, what redress is there? The answer time after time is there is none as the case of the striking to the ground of a man on his way home from work, The video shows him to be struck with considerable force. Why? Was the officer wound up. By him? By someone else? The Crown Prosecution Service says there would be little prospect of a prosecution succeeding. Is this just an opinion, an informed opinion or what? How do we know unless it is put to the test? That is of course if members of the CPS like the rest of us believe the police are untouchable.
Time after time it is agreed that mistakes are made as the Met said after Jean Charles de Menezes was unlawfully killed at Stockwell tube station five years ago today. Has anyone been held to account for this horrific act? Just read the link. Here’s a message from one family to another.
Last year the cause of the death of Mikey Powell in police custody in Birmingham found after 5 years that the cause of death was the way Mikey was placed in the police van. Any one prosecuted? No. Anyone likely to be prosecuted? Refer to the CPS statement above.
On 30th June Jennifer Cooper was forcibly kicked to the ground so that she had injuries said to resemble a car accident. More than by luck than judgement she didn’t die. While the police took her to the police station and then because of her injuries to hospital, they have not recorded the incident as a crime against her. It appears that the police were tipped off, by someone they know to be totally unreliable, that she was dangerous. If you know Jenny that is laughable. The police will merely say that they are continuing investigations into allegations against her. Not a word of concern has been expressed about her injuries. No crime number has been issued to her so anyone trying to investigate what happened gets nowhere with the police. She cannot apply for compensation from Criminal Injuries. She appears to have no rights.
Jennifer Cooper injuries
Jenny was kicked forcibly in the back so was unprepared for the attack by a male officer of large build. She was then kicked in the most vulnerable parts of her body with the officer standing on her throat. A woman police officer was said to have joined in and they were heard to be laughing as they carried out the assault.

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