Well done?

Caution rules whether the newly capped oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico is a total success. Personally I have mixed feelings of admiration for those who grappled with this enormous problem, which seemed incapable of a solution and complete scorn for the executives of a company that allowed profits to override proper precaution in the first place.
A Guardian article on the oil spill is rather less optimistic and sees no end to the saga. Until we see a world where people are considered first and the profit motive is relegated then we are likely to see many repeats of this kind. The lesson that it will cost rather more to clear up, does it lead to a more sober approach. Capitalism seems always to revert to kind not minding how labour is exploited even if it involves slave and child labour. Elected governments actually facilitate companies to move around their operations to benefit the business without regard for those employed. So unemployment leading to the breakdown of communities becomes more acceptable. This is progress? Victorian times was seen to be characterised by Dickensian figures and we suppose that we have progressed. Doesn’t look that way as right wing governments proceed with draconian cuts resulting in increased unemployment, loss of public services and regressive taxation.

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