Hoon and Hewitt are shrimps compared to the “Great White Shark” of lobbying, Blair

Interesting. The subject of the latest parliamentary scandal are names all associated with TB (Tony Blair that is, not the unpleasant disease). Stephen Byers has been in the news before I seem to remember. Hoon and Hewitt made a hash of trying to remove Brown not so long ago when it backfired rather badly on them. Neither covered themselves in glory in their ministerial positions either as far as I can tell. While the US has put dampeners on the ability of former politicians to sell their insider knowledge for s considerable sums this is one feature of American political life, so admired by Blair, that he didn’t emulate. No wonder. He’s doing Big Business with Saudi Arabia, South Korea and who knows elsewhere. “Business confidentiality must be maintained” says he. You bet it must: to protect his greedy arse.
Following the showing of the Dispatches stitch up four Blairites have reportedly been suspended from the Labour Party. While it’s a good opportunity for Broon to reply to the earlier actions of Hewitt and Hoon it’s probably not what was wanted in advance of a General Election. As another example of how corporate power is influencing politics across all parties what is being seen is further evidence of a deep malaise where corporate interests take precedence over people in society. Thatcher espoused it but the very party that so many of us supported to stop it actually ran with the free market policies and applied them to public services from hospitals to prisons which are now all affected with this evil virus. The shrimps have been netted. The Great White Shark is contemplating where his next million will come from.

One thought on “Hoon and Hewitt are shrimps compared to the “Great White Shark” of lobbying, Blair

  1. The Tested Child

    Killer whales are being sighted near the coast of Cornwall and there’s fear they’ll start coming closer to land and more often too. I doubt it – the real sharks in this country are in the Coalition and they’re far too malicious for mere killer whales to tangle with.


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