Is the tide turning? The willingness to criticise the Israeli Government

Washington now London have expressed their displeasure with the Israeli Government and their agencies. The US was embarrassed when Israel announced the continuation of building illegal settlements on Arab land in East Jerusalem and at the time the Vice President, Joe Biden was visiting Israel. Now David Miliband has spoken in the House of Commons on the decision to expel and Israeli diplomat following the use of forged British passports by Mossad agents who assassinated a leading Hamas figure in Dubai. In recent months both Biden and Miliband have displayed gratuitous attitudes as if Israel could do no wrong. Whether this will result in the falling away of the huge aid enjoyed by Israel I rather doubt since Israel is a Western base in an Islamic world where Islam has replaced Communism as the uniting bogey for Western leaders to bring cohesion to their world construct.

How this will be viewed by Palestinians is an open question, If there is relief that the international community has at last acted at a blatantly act, as a Liberal democrat MP observed yesterday in response to Miliband’s announcement, they must be wondering why action was not taken when earlier and more serious breaches were made, notably the invasion and continuing siege of Gaza.

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