Private security in the war zones. Any come back?

As more news trickles out a British-based security firm is coming under scrutiny concerning serious injuries sustained by Iraqis.
Our “civilised” world is beset with contradictions and among those who contrive to set themselves above and outside the bounds of law and civilised behaviour are various contractors who arm employees and send them into dangerous places. There’s money to be made you see. Problem is there are no set down terms of engagement. Not that regular armies are often bothered by such niceties routinely. War is not a place for detailed attention to the rules. Abuse, killing, maiming are a matter of routine. Companies set up serious websites about the services they offer, although curiously this aspects is never mentioned. Blackwater and Haliburton are well-known giants in the US, but there are an unknown number of smaller concerns which have not come to light. So when I notice another it will get a bit of attention here.

A little bit more about Erynis International. See especially the entry on Erynis Iraq.
And a little story for bedtime reading.

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