$1 trillion debt and counting, but who pays? Not the rich.

The Times Square clock in New York has long run out of space to record America’s spiraling debt. Now Obama reckons that it will be $1 trillion over the foreseeable future.
I remember Margaret Thatcher lecturing us on how as householders we should remember we had to pay our way. Remember her advice about stocking up the larder with tins for hard times? Thrift was the answer and Cameron is banging on about it too. Yet she so loved the American way with her great mate Ronald Reagan.
Why is it the poor who always take the brunt of everything. Don’t they have a vote? In the Middle East dispossessed Gazans are having $xxxbillion dollars of American weapons rained down on them following Iraq, Bosnia and dozens of other sovereign states which the US thinks it can dominate with impunity.
In UK they are selling off the Post Office, not all of it. Only the profitable parts while the dodgy bit is being nationalised. Yes the poor vote and pay taxes and this is where the money goes.

The Privatisation of Royal Mail: Brown & Mandelson signal no change from Blairism

The announcement by new Business Secretary Lord Peter Mandelson of the Governments acceptance of a proposal for the part privatisation (49%) of Royal Mail once more demonstrates the pro-capitalism of New Labour.
The Tories too are backing the contents of the Hooper report entitled ‘Modernise or Decline’. Veteran back bench MP Edward Leigh awoke from a ten year slumber to ‘welcome New Labour to Thatcherism’. The Liberal Democrats are also falling into line.
New Labour’s 2005 Election Manifesto commitment to a publicly owned Post Office has clearly been jettisoned.
So once again it will take an almighty struggle to defeat this alliance of Government and Opposition although the Communication Workers Union has done it before in 1994.
The Morning Star (Editorial 17th December 2008) calls for ‘trade union and local communities to unite in a protest movement of sufficient scale to put an end to this disgraceful betrayal of the people’. In reality only trade unionists can and will mount action against the continuing assault on their pay and conditions.
The Socialist Labour Party (SLP) reiterates its policy of withdrawal from the European Union (EU)- whose privatisation directives are a perpetual barrier to public ownership – and for the repeal of all the anti trade union laws.
The three main political parties all support the EU. They should be driven from office.
The SLP further calls on CWU members to campaign for its Conference and National Executive Committee to ballot for the disaffiliation of the CWU from the New Labour Party. It is senseless to pay a political levy to your executioner.
December 2008
Issued by Kingston and Surbiton, Esher and Walton Constituency Socialist Labour Parties c/o 17 Leas Close Chessington Surrey KT9 2EQ

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