Blackwater guards to answer for shootings in Baghdad?

Looks as if there are serious attempts to bring the Blackwater employees involved in a shootout in Baghdad will be brought to trial. Whether a prosecution will ever happen is another matter. Those concerned see themselves cast as scapegoats in the murky world of privateers being involved in combat during the conduct of America’s already dubious wars.
The relations between big business and war is a matter which needs clarification. We know some of the chief protagonists for conflict were set to profit out of them with their close links with firms like Blackwater and Haliburton. The British and other arms merchants have also been acting in a highly dubious fashion but were safeguarded by the likes of Blair who saw to it the British Aerospace didn’t have to answer to serious charges of corruption.

The promise that Obama will bring about change in this area still remains to be seen as his foreign policy looks remarkably like what has gone before. He’ll still be needing the services of these highly questionable outfits who he’ll also need to appease.

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