This is the way to treat your work force

A substantial number of Birmingham City Council workers are winning their pay claims against unfair regrading following the implementation of Single Status, intended to bring remuneration of blue and white collar staff – and women and men – into line. Many found themselves losing up to £12,000 from their salaries. The Cabinet Member responsible for Human Resources and Equality, Cllr Alan Rudge, claimed that he had expected the outcome and said that this had been budgeted for.
It seems to me to have been a very cynical, and reprehensible move – looks like a try on – to deprive your work force of considerable sums. Management on the other hand appear to be feather-bedded. With morale low can the Council leaders expect staff to perform at their best in providing services. Those on low income with housing, health, employment and education needs are likely to be the losers.

The introduction of the Voyager I.T. system has led to chaos. This was intended to save billions of pounds but its failure to deal with essential financial transactions has left a huge question mark. At the same time Capita, the company commissioned to bring in the system, look likely to profit in any event. One of the criticisms made was a failure to appraise staff of the new system and give adequate training. Once again management were given the training and it was expected to trickle down to underlings.

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