Venezuela supports Chavez allies at the polls

Contrary to some reports predicting a huge turn against Hugo Chavez the results of polling, with record numbers turning out to vote, have returned his supporters. With reportedly high rates of crime in the poorer areas it was expected that there would be a recation against the President, but that didn’t happen with a few exceptions. The Mayor of Caracas was one where an opponent was victorious.
An article in the Observer (23/11/2008) reported that Caracas was the capital of gang warfare predicting this would turn people against Chavez. It appears, however, that destabilising factors are very much present with outside influence from a US dominated Columbia.

In Columbia one business is making “a killing” out of the sale of bullet-proof jackets for the wealthy. There is a huge market, according to the Guardian article, by celebs, political leaders et al.

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