Execution agreed. Not through the courts though

The execution of suspected terrorists by remotely controlled aircraft inside Pakistan has met with anger and condemnation in many quarters. A question has been asked in parliament whether British intelligence played a part, or even knew about, a plot to assassinate some wanted “terrorists” holed up in Pakistan’s NW territory. The answers have been far from clear, but according to an article in The Independent (24/11/2008) it was a deliberate act. One of the victims is said to be a British subject born in Birmingham and associated with the plot to blow up transatlantic airliners with liquid bombs.

Al Quaeda have been warning Obama that if there is no change in policy to wards Afghanistan then more harm would come to the US. Whichever way the people of Afghanistan continue to suffer and are requesting food aid to sustain them through a harsh winter. as with incursions into neighbouring parts of Pakistan there appears to be an awareness that hearts and minds are not being won when civilians are killed. Attacks in Pakistan, while getting support from the Pakistan military, is very unpopular with ordinary people. The government makes noises of disapproval but continues to work with the US. As far as people in this part of the world are concerend they will find it difficult to see the difference when Bush fades out and Obama fades into office.

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