Peres demonstration at Oxford.

Sir Shimon Peres, (as he now apparently is: knighted for services to war crimes?) was given a rowdy reception when he responded to an invitation to speak at Balliol College, Oxford. It seems that opposition to Israel’s actions against Palestinians is growing, although this is still not having an impact on the elite. Governments insist on supporting Israel and turning a blind eye to the daily murders and atrocities handed out to civilians. They justify this with their continuing “war against terrorism” rhetoric which is being continued by president-elect Obama. No change here apparently.
Thanks to Zarina Bhatia for drawing my attention to this following her letter of complaint over the original invitation.

Shoppers are being encouraged to watch out for items grown or manufactured in the “West Bank” since this can be Israeli produce using Palestinian land by settlers. It is illegal, but is being imported by firms including Waitrose.

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