Exporting tried and tested criminals

Attending an international conference in Havana in May aroused my interest in the “U.S. backyard”. The continuing saga of social upheaval arising from the oppression of indigenous groups who form the majority is apparent across South and Central America, while the U.S. continues to exercise a malign influence to prevent any such thing.
Honduras is a case in point where the U.S, administration tried to export a well tried and tested terrorist and assassin. I found the article an illuminating read, fascinating in the way that the U.S.’s man has been involved in so many places and touched key incidents in the history of the region.

While the U.S. and its buddies cry out for the need to fight “terrorism” globally there are no limits to the ways in which selected “terrorists” are used as weapons against other countries. So while waging “official” wars there are many unofficial hostile actions elsewhere.
While Cuba is part of “the axis of evil” according to the Christian Bush, and this is accepted by U.S. allies, the main thrust of Cuba is to promote the well being of people, not only in Cuba but globally. The export of doctors and teachers is legendary. However Cuban-born exiles, many of whom reside in the U.S. regularly work with the C.I.A. whatever their criminal tendencies.

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