In the wake of Gustav

I read with interest the effects of the hurricane Gustavo on Cuba. While all eyes were on New Orleans, which eventually missed the full force in the end, clearly a part of Cuba met with utter devastation, yet no one died as a result.
My source is once more Fidel Castro who writes in graphic terms about the effects of the storm, and then about the determined efforts to rebuild. Reading the “reflections” is a bit more than just learning about how scarce resources are used because we are taken back to bits of history usually glossed over. Do we remember apartheid South Africa having 7 nuclear bombs courtesy of U.S. – and contemplating their use when Cuban troops were in Angola?

So education is underway again in most schools. Many have lost their homes and so Cubans are being asked to work in solidarity with those who need to repair and rebuild.
However there are no illusions. Rebuilding will run into billions of dollars, but the priority remains to feed those affected. The greatest challenge is on the Isle of Youth where aid has to be sent in by air. After hurricane Katrina Cuba offered aid to the U.S, as is now well known. President Medvedev of Russia has ordered the immediate dispatch of food and building materials as part of a relief package. Will Europe or U.S. follow suit?

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