Palin and Queen Esther

The entry of Sarah Palin onto the scene is bringing a good bit of Biblical “truth” into play. “Truth” in the sense that a fundamentalist believer would like to see it, that is. So it is Queen Esther who Palin models herself on, according to a pastor who knows her.
Don’t know about Esther’s use of expenses, but according to the Washington Post Sarah Palin charged the state for 319 nights at home. Whether this is a matter of “digging the dirt” when there are other important issues to talk about is a matter of opinion. I would think that it’s quite an important consideration given that as is so often mentioned Sarah could be literally “a heart beat” away from the presidency of the United States of America. The continued domination of the U.S. – and the world – of a group of neo-con fundamentalists isn’t good news for any of us. The judgment to bring a virtually unknown player is an act which needs serious consideration. However it is clear that Sarah Palin was brought in to woo women’s votes for Republicans following the failure of Hillary Clinton to secure the Democratic nomination. With all her failings we know Clinton to be an experienced politician even if there are uncomfortable links with a past presidency.

So the possibility of an unknown entity becoming the first woman to hold this high office has rather translated the idea that it could be Clinton to a rather different level.

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