Liam wows the Cabinet

Liam Byrne, the most influential person in the West Midlands according to the Birmingham Post’s reckoning, had the opportunity to present the region to the Cabinet on its trip to Brum yesterday. Here’s his presentation.
….yes, well. Anyone still awake?
This was a wonderful opportunity for him. He wondered if Westminster was listening to us in the region. I often wonder if Liam Byrne is listening himself.
In his presentation on transport he talks about the “first ever” consensus. I am struggling to imagine what he is referring to. When he talks about achievements he points to New Street Station and then only how it has been delayed. In recent weeks mention has been made of high speed rail links going well beyond Gateway. Is this what he was talking about. Of local schemes to increase local rail services the good news is the Moseley/Kings Heath line. An idea for a service from Frankley appears to have bitten the dust, while both present and former chairs of the WMPTA have written letters asking Liam Byrne to look at the Walsall to Wolverhampton service. Rapid transport in and around the region? If we’re going to develop the economy and overcome the gridlock with all the wasted time and money that entails we need to see clearly where we’re going!

It’s doubtful whether anyone had the inclination to follow the dreary-looking formal presentation anyway. Many were too busy saying that Gordon was the wonderful great leader that Labour needs and that they hadn’t been trying to stand against him, Miliband to the fore among them.

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