New Labour’s Humanitarian Approach

Iraq is safe for return. New Labour has said so. UNCHR doesn’t agree, but 1400 failed asylum seekers are being told that they will be forced into destitution in UK. They will also have to sign a waiver clause disclaiming the responsibility of the British Government if anything happens to them and their families. Proud to be British and swear an oath of allegiance to this fatuous crowd?
Having gone into Iraq in the first place against the wishes of a majority in the UK once again responsibilities are shelved. The same can be said of the treatment of those who came from former colonies when Britain set out to exploit vast areas of the world in competiton with other European powers. If you come from the Indian Subcontinent you have to be 21 to come as a couple, but only 18 if you come from Eastern Europe. Nothing to do with continuing racism?

In spite of Gordon Brown’s continual complaints about Zimbabwe many Zimbabweans who have been told they have failed their asylum applications are also due to be forcibly returned if they don’t go quietly. He made a big song and dance about not attending the Lisbon Conference because Mugabe was present, making a dramatic appearance at a later stage to sign what everyone else had done before. He is opposing a cricket tour but now this.
Brown got away lightly when thousands marched in London on the fifth anniversary of the Iraqi war with only pictures of Bush apparent. The protest began in Trafalgar Square, moved along Whitehall, across Westminster Bridge down past Lambeth Palace and back across Lambeth Bridge along Millbank to Parliament Square, scene of Brian Haw’s celebrated protest.

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