There’s always someone around to pontificate and tell us what we all ought to be doing expressing our deep and undying gratitude for being British. Now some idiot has come up with an oath of allegiance. To the Queen? Nah, that would upset those with Republican sensibilities.
Of course those at the top are blameless. They’re in a position to dictate what’s good for us (them) and (sometimes) able to keep their exploits under wraps. That can go wrong big time of course as the Mayor of New York has found to his cost.

Union Jacks, Land of Hope and Gloria. When I went To Northern Ireland and entered Loyalist Larne I felt really intimidated by the flag which was supposed to represent me. Strong overtones of the BNP (with whom loyalist groups have links). As for the Proms, which I find generally wonderful, that is without the total exception of the last night. There should never be a “last night” when they wheel out Terrible Wogan for Proms in the Park, he of the Eurovision Song Contest. As someone said at the time a programme of Rameau with the unlikely involvement of a group from Soweto put the last night in the shade.
So whoever you are who wants me to swear an oath, just go and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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