Privatisation: war, torture and brutality

The video linked here shows how much corporations have made out of the misery of Iraqi people. Yet everyone still votes for capitalism in the UK, New Labour being among the most enthusiastic exponents. Sadly politicians cover up their own agendas for personal advancement with claims that public services will improve. The evidence is that under privatisation they won’t.
The video illustrates one company, Blackwater, who send their employees into the battle zone but take no responsibility for what might happen to them. It also reports that those weighing in on routine torture and brutality are civilians. I believe Britain is also employing private security firms in Basra.

The employment of mercenaries, many former U.S., British, South Africans, causes deep resentment among Iraqis. It appears that there is no limit to the amount of human degradation and misery that can be tolerated is it brings back a decent profit.

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