The May Elections in Handsworth Wood

A few people look a bit bothered about my article. Tried writing to Dr Kaur, but there appears to be no such e-mail address. Pity because it was written in such polite terms.
I tried responding but the e-mail bounced back. Both Councillors Hamilton and Atwal owe their success completely to Arjun Singh who worked with Khalid Mahmood and a prominent member of the Soho Road Gurdwara to get elected in 2004. Arjun had previously pledged to donate a considerable sum of money to campaign against Khalid, next moment we find them working together. Khalid was rather desperate at that time for support from Sikhs in the former Sandwell Ward.
People came to the meeting who were not entitled to do so. Although they didn’t live in the ward some were on the electoral register at addresses in it. Some quite small properties showed a large number of residents living there. I wrote to the Labour Party at the Regional Office with evidence – twice; I spoke to Birmingham’s legal director and the Chief Elections Officer who told me they were too busy dealing with the postal vote issue! Arjun gave one reason for leaving Labour as his dissatisfaction with postal voting. Placing people improperly on the electoral register is just as fraudulent but he remains silent on this matter.
Dr Kaur accuse me of calling Arjun a gangster. My article doesn’t anywhere say that!

As for working with Arjun, it is difficult to do that when you can’t rely on someone, apart from the clear political difference. What you see is not what you get in this case. Sorry.

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