Own your own prison

Now you have the chance to have shares in a prison. The UK, with already record numbers incarcerated, is desperate for 8,000 more places. This comes at a time when there have been scathing attacks on the state of prisons and failure to address rehabilitation.
Pauline Campbell, who as a parent whose child died within the dysfunctional “system”, drew my attention to the Independent report above, and to the following:

Community Care Magazine
30 November – 6 December 2006
Letters, page 24: “Inmates being let down”
– to let you know I have a letter published under the above heading
– refers to the recent out-of-court settlement – Home Office paid compensation to 198 drug-dependent prisoners and former inmates;
– litigation was the only way to hold the government to account;
– issue was about basic medical care being provided to people in prison;
– Chief Inspector of Prisons has repeatedly drawn attention to the need to medically treat drug dependency;
– does not just help the individual concerned; effect will be felt across entire criminal justice system; ultimately, will help to direct people away from drug misuse & crime.

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