Still the Wall, still the Land Grab

The effects of the dividing Wall, that the Israelis continue to build on the pretext of defence, is stark in a village which is divided in two, isolating its people. The real purpose is rather to displace and acquire more Palestinian territory.
“The town of Azzun ‘Atma has come to represent the worst of the worst of the effects of the Israeli Wall in the West Bank. The small town is in the northwestern West Bank’s Qalqilia District as is now known as one of the ‘bad parts of the West Bank.’
Azzun ‘Atma is surrounded, literally encircled, by the area’s 700 kilometers of concrete Wall. Villagers have been trapped by the Wall and now additional illegal Israeli settlement expansion from Ornit and Sha’arei Tikva settlements is designed to wreak additional havoc.
Azzun ‘Atma residents cannot reach the rest of the West Bank expect for through one infrequently open gate, and cannot go into 1948 areas under the pretext of car theft. With this, the village is completely isolated from the outside world, accessed only through the main gate of the village that may or may not be open.”
(Source: Palestinian News Network.)

One of the reasons given for the theft of land is that “it is necessary for military purposes”. Still the goal is to make it impossible for East Jerusalem to be capital of the Palestinian State.
“Israeli forces in the West Bank are taking more lands in Jerusalem’s Anata Village on the grounds that the confiscation is for military purposes to prevent resistance operations. Slated for confiscation are 1,328 dunams of Palestinian land.
The notification issued to land owners states that Israeli forces will seize the land for military purposes to ‘establish a security barrier north of Ma’ale Adumim’ on Anata Village lands. As it stands now, the major Ma’ale Adumim Settlement in East Jerusalem blocks much of Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank.
Follow up (Haaretz).

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