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I received this exciting news this week from my granddaughter, Lael, in Vancouver.
Niamh Eili 2005.11.16
My little sister, baby Niamh Eili was born 00:10 (approximately), 16 November 2005. She weighed 6lbs 12oz/3070 g and measured 50cm.
I was there to see her as she was born. It was very exciting. It was very late in the night time. I woke up and I said, “Daddy!” He told me the baby was coming. I came over to Mummy and Daddy and stroked my Mummy over her back. I gave her some water and then I saw a head slipping out of my Mum’s body. I thought that was great!
Lots of love from,
PS. I wanted to say that my Mummy made some very loud noises. She kind of hurt my ears a little bit. I love how Niamh looks. She’s very small. She makes lots of noises too, but doesn’t cry a lot.

Her Mummi in Vancouver recorded her story in her blog.

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