Muslim Graves Desecrated in Handsworth

Today, 5th November, Muslims visiting Handsworth Cemetery discovered gravestones had been vandalised in the section reserved for that faith. Leaflets were scattered which referred to the allaged rape of a young black girl. Despite intensive enquiries no evidence has been found to substantiate the story and no one has come forward to claim they were assaulted.
It seems that a few are intent on stirring up hatred between Asian and African communities. The Drum has produced a poster showing two young men, African and Asian, saying that togther African Asian fight poverty and discrimination.
Community leaders from both communities went to inspect the damage and called for calm and to resist revenge attacks.

The night before some 300 people attended a meeting at the Uplands addressed by Chief Superintendent Steve Jordan. Residents of Copthall Road and Landlords of the Farcroft and Uplands Public Houses wanted to know why there wasn’t either an effective police presence or any police protection at all on the night of disturbances in Lozells and Perry Barr, about two miles away.

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