As civilians die drone manufacturers are laughing

The only pain that the Israeli Government and it allies, the arms manufacturers and suppliers feel is in their pocket. It is reported that shares in an Israeli based company have risen sharply during the conflict between Israel and Gaza. As with earlier attacks on Gaza arms manufacturers like Elbit Systems regard it as a laboratory for perfecting their trade in death and destruction. One such system called om/elbitmain/area-in2.asp?parent=3&num=36&num2=36″ title=”Perfecting Hermes drone system”>Hermes has reportedly been used on Gaza.

Engines for drones are manufactured here in the UK in Shenstone, West Midlands at UAV, only a few miles from where I am sitting and where regular vigils are held with prayers and meditation in solidarity with past and future intended victims – many, many innocent women and children right now in Gaza.

Many businesses world wide invest in Israel activities on stolen Palestinian land and some are getting increased attention. French based Veolia is one such attracting attention from Dumpveolia. Veolia are getting worried and appear to be moving away from their Israeli business.

This week in Birmingham a demonstration succeeded in closing a Sainsbury’s store in Union Row due to their sourcing of goods from occupied territories. Demonstrators have returned to UAV in Shenstone.

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